Jordan Wolfsan, Johan Koenig. Photo: Linda Nylind / Frieze Art Fair

Christian Jankowski's art yacht

Another much-talked-about artwork is Christian Jankowski's art yacht, with a price tag of 65 million euros. In conjunction with the luxury yacht manufacturers CRN and Riva, Jankowski’s project, “Finest Art on Water” is presented as a luxury product available for purchase not only as a boat, but also as a work of art by Christian Jankowski. The potential client can enter the salon to see the interior and hear descriptions of the yacht/artwork.

Christian Jankowski. The Finest Art on Water. 2011
Photo: Frieze Art Fair 

Working in various mediums, such as film, video, performance and installation, Jankowski’s work is always intrusive and collaborative. Jankowski creates situations wherein the response of the audience determines if they do or don't become “part”of the artwork. It is precisely these reactions of involved/reactive, people that make up the core of his work.

The “Finest Art on Water” project finger-points at art collectors or, rather, at that certain filthy-rich art-buyer image. But is it news to anyone that the art market is rich and crazy?

The real news here is that Frieze allows for internal critique. This is in addition to Frieze's gestures of providing resources and organizing talks and screenings. In so doing, the Frieze creates a platform for thinking, screening, sharing and publishing. And, just as most of the major art institutions in the last decade have done, it shows responsibility – a feature now practically demanded by audiences.

Art, Death and Heaven

Elmgreen & Dragset. Galerie Perrotin
Photo: Linda Nylind / Frieze Art Fair

Another worst – and best – work spotted at Frieze is Elmgreen's and Dragset's untitled, life-sized morgue wall and dead body sculpture at the booth of Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. “Buy or die!”, shouts the sculpture. Occasionally, a gallery rep will jump out through the doors of the installation's “morgue” (where the “dead bodies” are placed), giving a startling, albeit funny, assurance that she's not part of the artwork. >>