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Zoltan Bela. Before the Storm. 2011. Galerija Anca Poterasu (Bucharest, Romania)

MARCK @ Art Moscow 2011

In evaluating the variety of mediums on offer at the Fair, it must be concluded that painting is still at the forefront. Even though there was no shortage of sculptures, video installations and photography, there were numerously more paintings, both large-format and miniatures. If looking at the historical chronology of mediums, then the most youthful stand belonged to the Zurich gallery, Barbarian Art Gallery. The multi-medium works by MARCK featured women swimming from one painting to the next, trying to either break free from the works or simply writhing in a cage. In terms of sales, the Barbarian Art Gallery was in the top rung of this year's Fair.

Summarizing the „aftertaste“ of the Fair – since it did begin with a Tongue – the state of the art fair, at least as seen through the prism of Art Moscow 2011, seems to have stabilized. While some galleries declined to participate, others came and went home with full bellies. Art lovers also didn't go home hungry.