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Lithuania will be represented at the 54th Venice Art Biennale by Darius Mikšys.

Does participating in the Venice Biennale mean a lot to you?

This time, yes. Because the idea behind the work is consistent with the fundamental idea of the Venice Biennale. I wouldn’t be satisfied by just the chance to participate. But this work is consistent with the Biennale’s political idea.

Consistent with the “ILLUMInations” idea?

No, I almost never take into account the curator’s concept. What is more, the “ILLUMInations” concept came later, the curators changed, but our project was ready before the announcement of the concept. I’m talking about the Venice Biennale’s idea as such, where each country is granted a national pavilion in which to present itself. And Behind the White Curtain displays precisely state-initiated projects, state-supported ideas. That’s why it seems meaningful to present them in Venice.

What do you think about that fact that there are more and more cases where the work of art in a country’s national pavilion is created by an artist with a different nationality?

It’s wonderful. Art is international. I’d thought about that too, yet within the framework of our work, only Lithuanian artists are entitled to government grants.

Does humor have an essential role in your art?

It’s naturally present, at least while I still have a sense of humor. I don’t try to exaggerate it, or to otherwise consciously influence it.


* Latvian folk riddle.


Anna Iltnere