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Andrejs Grants. Photo: Arnis Balčus

Unfortunately, a connection with traditions is lacking in Latvia. I try, insofar as it is within my power, to give this to my students.

What is the most essential element that keeps a young photographer from simply becoming one of many?

This shouldn’t be a goal in itself, but in good conditions only the consequence. The main thing is to follow your calling! Of course, there are also external enticements, like the romantic status of the photographer, but the main thing with which you can achieve results is internal work. 

Do your students teach you something too?

They sometimes create provocative situations and, in an attempt to solve them, I end up looking at things differently than before, perhaps through their eyes. The perception of the image is different today; I think about this a lot, and perhaps it leaves some impression on me, too. In any event, it’s interesting!

Reinis, Ernests, Rita. Egļukalns. 2008. From series: Colleges, Friends and Acquaintances. Photo by Andrejs Grants

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