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The Humping Pact on the Wiels roof

10 Artist Residency Programs Still Accepting Applications 0

Agita Salmiņa

In order to get inspired, sometimes all it takes is having the right people around you. This is just one of the things that one can gain from participating in an artist residency program. Although 2014 has already started, there's still time to apply to some of the summer residency programs, and it's never too early to start thinking about 2015.

Stockholm, Sweden
Application deadline: May 19, 2014
Period of residency: November 2014 – May 2015
Fee: 75.00 SEK
Lodging and traveling expenses: covered in part

The city council of Stockholm is giving a once-in-a-lifetime chance to two artists: to take part in the development of Hagastaden – a new neighborhood in Stockholm. The site contains the old Nya Karolinska Solna hospital, which has now been converted into a creative laboratory and research center. Along with four other artists and researchers, the the two resident artists will work on coming up with ideas on how to fill the neighborhood's public spaces with art; one percent of the budget covering the construction of the site has been specially earmarked for the funding of art. Each of the resident artists will work with a group of researchers for a period of seven months – from November to the following May – and at the end of the term they will present their ideas. The resident artists will spend at least a part of this period living in Stockholm. Lodging and traveling expenses will be partially covered.


Vilnius, Lithuania
Application deadline: May 11, 2014
Period of residency: July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2104; 1 to 12 weeks for one project
Lodging: covered; Daily expenses: not covered

Rupert, an educational and art center in Vilnius, offers great opportunities for emerging artists, curators, researchers, writers and publicists. The center is housed in a specially-built building designed by the promising Lithuanian architect, Andrius Ambrasas, in a woodsy spot on the banks of the Neris River and not far from the quiet and romantic Old Town of Vilnius. The artist in residence will be given a studio and living quarters equipped with wireless internet, as well as access to the library, the conference room, and a communal kitchen. Although the usual period of residency is up to twelve weeks in length, it is possible to submit projects that are one to twelve months in length. Living and work space is free of charge, but one must cover one's own daily expenses for food and travel.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Application deadline: July 31, 2014
Period of residency: January – June 2015; 1 – 3 months per artist
Fees: 400 - 650 EUR per month

The lively and creative artist residency program, SÍM, is spread out over several buildings in Reykjavik. Twelve international artists are hosted every month. Contrary to the preconceived notion of Northerners being reserved and stoic, the objective of SÍM is to create an environment open to interactive discussion, games and reflection. The program's areas of artistic focus can also be diverse – from visual art to wood-sculpting – thereby creating a fruitful environment for the generation of new and original ideas and techniques. Take note that the artists in residence must cover their own expenses for room and board (400 – 600 EUR per month, depending on room size). Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact that the surrounding deep ocean, volcanic landscape and majestic glaciers of Iceland ensure that the artistic muse comes to most who go there. SÍM has also been operating an affiliate in Berlin since 2010.


Krems, Austria
Application deadline: May 30, 2014
Period of residency: 2015, 1 – 3 months per project
Studio and living space are covered, plus a monthly stipend

Krems is a small Austrian city located 80 km from Vienna. It has a rich cultural legacy that extends back to the 10th century, and has a very active modern-day cultural scene as well. The city's art galleries, a museum of caricature, gourmet restaurants and numerous athletic opportunities are all lined up in a mile-long corridor that runs from the city's historical section to its urban center. If you can successfully present yourself as an active and professional artist with at least one diploma in hand, then the artist residency at Krems will receive you with open arms. The program covers the resident's studio and living space, plus there's a 1000 EUR monthly stipend. Located in a former rug factory, the program features five studios and a charming rooftop terrace for lounging and socializing with the other artists on site. Several guest artists are set up in the residency space at one time, thereby ensuring an experience that is both international and inspirational.

Brussels, Belgium
Application deadline: May 31, 2014
Period of residency: January – December 2015
Residents must cover their own living arrangements and transportation.

The residency program at the Wiels Contemporary Art Center in Belgium offers young artists who have just finished their art studies a densely-filled program of activities. It is essentially an art laboratory that concentrates on contemporary art and new approaches to their endeavors. The artists in residence are supplied with not only a studio, but also with technical and professional consultations – namely, weekly meetings with art critics, curators and other professionals in the field. Fully-funded educational field trips – in Belgium and into the surrounding countries – are specially organized for the eight artists in residence. Each resident must create an exhibition during their stay in the program. Although residents are not supplied with living quarters, some of the studios can also serve as lodging. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

The Hague, Netherlands
Application deadline: June 1, 2014
Period of residency: October – November, 2014
Residents must cover their own living arrangements and daily expenditures

It is hard to imagine a place more suitable for research than the Hague – home to not only an impressive assembly of art (Gemeentemuseum, the Escher Museum, Mauritshuis – with its collection of Rembrandts and Vermeers), but it is also renown the world over for The Hague Convention, which oversees peace and justice on a global scale. The dynamic city-scape is also quite impressive, and imaginatively speaking, is reminiscent of a still-life painting featuring Flemish architecture and skyscrapers. The artist residency program, “1646”, is located right in the center of the city, and its objective is to support artists whose main focus is research on topical issues in visual art, culture and art theory. Residents have the opportunity to use a studio for up to two months in which to do their research work. The program offers lodging with wireless internet and a communal kitchen and bathroom not far from the studios, but the resident must cover these expenses himself. “1646” is a lively artist residency program, and regularly holds lectures and film evenings; and of course, there is also a constant exchange of ideas going on between the local and visiting artists.

Nałęczów, Poland
Application deadline: August 30, 2014
Period of residency: 2015, 1 – 6 months in length
Fees tend to vary

Almost as if torn from the pages of Frances Maye's novel, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, the ZOR residency program charms one with the simple sincerity of Polish culture. The building housing the program was built in the Polish national architectural style – Zakopane, which was influenced by art deco and early modernism. The program's directors will gladly consider a variety of projects, either linked to visual art or not, and offer a technically-equipped studio in which to work. Both private apartments and communal ones with shared kitchens and bathrooms are available. Fees vary according to both the length of stay (1 – 6 months) and the planned project; contact ZOR directly for more detailed information.

An exhibition featuring the completed works is held at the end of the period of residency, either on site at ZOR, or at an other location that suits the project. This program is interested in accepting a variety of projects, and consequently, there are no strict requirements and all of the selected projects are supported until they come to completion.


Barcelona, Spain
Application deadline: not specified
Period of residency: August – January; 1 – 3 months per project
Stipends available

Just 20 minutes from the center of the city lies the newly opened “Homesession” artist residency program. It offers living quarters, a studio and an exhibition hall. Even though rooms at the program are not covered in full, one can apply for a stipend that Homesession awards four times a year. The stipend covers one month lodging in Barcelona and work expenditures. The program's facilities are located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Poble Sec, the mood of which – with its bars, theaters, cabarets and clubs – is decidedly Spanish in nature. Not far is Montjuic Park, an ideal spot for a fiesta or picnic; within its serpentine hillside, one can find museums and art centers. If all of this isn't inspirational enough, the city's historical center is just a 20-minute walk away. Only one artist in residence is accepted at a time, so be patient in awaiting their answer. The program favors projects that are courageous and innovative in both form and work aesthetics.


Gorna Lipnista, Bulgaria
Application deadline: May 30
Period of residency: August 14 – 24, 2014
Room and board is covered

The small Bulgarian town of Gorna Lipnista invites you to look for the Milky Way, search for Thracian castle-mounds, and to delve into starry rituals. Participants can be painters, photographers, wood-cutters, media artists, stage artists, and so on. This promises to be a heady experience for those with an interest in history, since part of the “plein air” activities will take place on an authentic Thracian castle mound, and the artists will be introduced to the basics of Bulgarian history – with a concentration on the 2nd century BCE. The residency session lasts for 10 days, from August 14 – 24. An exhibition will be held at the end of the session, and the participants will receive a certificate of attendance. Resident artists' lodging and meals will be covered during the session, as well as their transport, internet access and other daily necessities.


Stuttgart, Germany
Application deadline: August 31, 2014
Period of residency: 2015; 3 – 12 months for one project
Housing is free of charge, plus a monthly stipend

By providing an inspirational space and up to one year's time, this stipend funded by the German province of Baden-Wuttenberg offers artists and researchers the world over the chance to bring their interdisciplinary projects to life. Akademie Schloss Solitude is a majestic baroque building located on the outskirts of Stuttgart, with contrasting views of both the countryside and the nearby big city. Applicants can be artists, architects, designers, writers – even economists or chess-players – but they must not be students anymore, and they must be under 35. With its 45 studios, this residency program has become quite renown; every year, a jury selects the applicants that it deems most suitable. Those who survive the highly competitive application process will receive a 1100 EUR monthly stipend, as well as their own studio in which to complete their project – which will then be exhibited in the Academy's exhibition hall at the end of the residency session.