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One of the newest building of Goldsmiths College - opened in 2008

Printmaking, filmmaking, digital media, 3D, interactive and graphic design, broadcast media and journalism are taught at The London College of Communication, likewise, a part of the University of the Arts London. There are many different ways to evaluate the quality, character, and skills you might acquire at a specific college. One way to judge the college is by its academic merit while other by those who have studied there before you. The London College of Communication is proud to count among its most notable alumni the advertisement genius Charles Saatchi and photographer and co-founder of Dazed&Confused magazine Rankin. Can you feel the cool? Can you feel the buzz you can get at LCC?

Artists Peter Blake, David Hockney, Jake and Dinos Chapman, sculptor Henry Moore, and filmmaker Ridley Scott are just few names from a long list of celebrities that have graduated from the Royal College of Art. If all other colleges are offering courses on both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, the Royal College of Art is the world’s only wholly postgraduate university of art and design, offering MA, M.Phill and PhD level degrees only. The RCA was founded in 1837 and was known at that time as the Government School of Design, and already in 1896, a year before Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, it received the name of the Royal College of Art.

If one is a bit cynical, one could say that this is a place where applied art of glass or metalwork is turned into pure art; where industrial designs developed will most likely find their way to industry and subsequently to real life; or, if you are lucky enough to graduate from the Department of Curating Contemporary Art, you are most likely to get a job at the Tate. Cynicism aside, this is a great, well connected college, in a fantastic central location, so the only important issue left to address is how to develop the best possible portfolio and get accepted. While all above colleges represent the top six arts schools in this country and even internationally, it might be that they are not so easily accessible with your portfolio or available financing. If so, I would suggest other places, such as Middlesex University , Metropolitan University, or the University of Westminster, all offering a number of art and design courses. You might want to check out the profile of teachers and their research interest in a particular course of your choice that could indicate the quality of teaching they offer.

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