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View over Buschwick (Brooklyn)

Aside the glitz and glamour of Chelsea, Brooklyn is at the moment a booming and fast growing art scene: many Manhattan galleries either have annex galleries or are moving into Williamsburg and Bushwick (both regions in Brooklyn). I’ve had the great opportunity to live for the past few years in Bushwick where one can find many different artistic personalities and voices to be seen and heard. Now I’m excited and impatient as slowly, but surely Bushwick Open Studios are approaching, which is the most important event of the year in my neighborhood. The first weekend of June you can stroll through the neighborhood and visit hundreds and hundreds of artist studios, also many performance art events take place either on rooftops or in streets, movie screenings and bands performing in local bars, etc., pretty much everyone is involved.  Similar open studio events take place in other Brooklyn regions such as DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and Greenpoint.   

For me New York City feels like home, mostly because of the creative community and support I get from my friends with whom I get to share experiences, advices, and challenges of being an artist in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Within the artists there are many shared dreams and interests of visiting residencies abroad and develop our careers to a point when we can sustain ourselves from our art work. I have always been interested to hear everyone's story and their source of inspiration and there are so many...

One of my most meaningful experiences was couple summers ago when some of my friends got together and collaborated with other emerging artists in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we started to build our own art communion in Ewen, Michigan. The collaborative is called Airport Road, it actually used to be a runway for small planes, now it's just endless meadows and forests. The first summer we had to camp out in tents, while building a cabin for future stay. Our plan is to develop this project and location step by step every summer in hopes to one day have it become a residency where many other artists could gather and participate. This summer we are building a kiln to make ceramics, as well as learning how to make paper from scratch, and sharing various watercolor techniques. 

There is nothing more inspiring then to see your friends succeed. One of my very close friends is preparing for an upcoming solo show at one of the major art galleries in New York City and for me there is no greater inspiration to be able to help him out in his studio or just seeing him thrive with his art work. Another group of my friends just yesterday left for a road trip, they curated and organized a traveling exhibition across America. The funding was received by exchanging art works for donations, there were different levels of contributions one might make. For example, lowest contribution will get you a postcard sent from one of their travel destinations, the highest one a painting or letterpress.