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Yayoi Kusama. I'm Here, but Nothing. Paris. 2001

Contemporary Art from Japan in Moscow 0

Double Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan
MMOMA, Moscow
March 14 – May 6 2012

From March 14 through May 6, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is holding a large-scale exhibition that offers a broad insight into Japanese contemporary art. Over 30 Japanese artists representing various periods from the 1970s until the past decade are taking part. 

SHIMABAKU. Tomato Dipper. 2003

The exhibition is divided into two themed sections, contrasting reality and imagination, the everyday and the fantastic. The first part of the show – “Reality/Ordinary World” – brings together Japanese artists that use their work to reflect on their surroundings – by diving into urban landscapes, conjuring up art installations from mundane objects, or seeking the poetic in everyday life.

(Kadrs) Yoko Ono. Cut Piece. 1965

(Kadrs) Yoko Ono. Cut Piece. 2003

This section also includes the work of Kishio Suga, vivid representative of the Mono-fa movement (literally, “school of things”). The opportunity to see Yoko Ono’s work – the famous Cut Piece in its 1965 and 2003 versions, and the Cough Piece sound installation (1961) – also merits a mention.

Kenji Yanobe. Kindergarten. 2005

“Imaginary World/Phantasms”, the second section of the show, encourages visitors to push away from the ground and burst outside the borders of the rational mind; to take a leap into the endless expanse of imagination. This section brings together over ten artists that have gained their inspiration from Japanese pop culture, playing on naivety, myths and cosmogonic concepts in their work. Imagination holds a different meaning for each of the artists, clearly visible in a group show such as this. Among the artists represented are names well-known in Western Europe such as Yoshitomo Nara, Takashi Murakami and princess of a whimsically patterned parallel universe, Yayoi Kusama. 

Yoshitomo Nara. Candy Blue Night. 2001

The exhibition is a collaboration between curators from two countries – Elena Yaichnikova and Kenjiro Hosaka. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is hosting the show in collaboration with the Japan Foundation.

Each section of the show is located at a different museum site:

в Ермолаевском переулке, 17 и на Гоголевском бульваре, 10
Moscow, Russia