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Photo: Numen / For Use

Art invasion in Färgfabriken 0

Numen/For Use “Tape Project”
Färgfabriken, Stockholm

February 4 – March 17, 2012

It turns out that tape is not only a practical item – it also has the potential to produce aesthetically pleasing results. Until March 17, the sci-fi novel-worthy “Tape Project”, a fragile-looking “silk cocoon” woven from kilometers of sticky tape by Numen/For Use, is on view at Stockholm's Färgfabriken. The amazingly flexible installation invites visitors to wander through its membrane-like tunnels and to experience the work of art from all angles. But it is not just an exhibition – the project also serves as a backdrop for the first feature-length film, titled “KIM”, to be made by author, director and curator Tobias Rydin. Rydin is also the editor-in-chief of the Swedish art publication YKKY, which Britain's newspaper The Independent has judged to be one of the eight most beautiful magazines in the world.

The designer group Numen/For Use was established in 1998 and consists of three people: Sven Jonke (1973, Croatia), Christoph Katzler (1968, Austria) un Nikola Radeljković (1971, Croatia). Educated at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the School of Design in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb, the trio successfully operates not only in the world of art, but also in the field of industrial design, working with labels such as Capellini, Magis and Zanotta.

Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43
Stockholma, Sweden