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Alex Cecchetti in Vilnius 0

Alex Cecchetti. Comrades of Fear and Wonder
Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
February 17 – March 18, 2012

The Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius is showing the exhibition “Comrades of Fear And Wonder”, by Alex Cecchetti (1977), through March 18. A Frenchman of Italian descent, Cecchetti is a modern artist that has mastered the art of nuance and fine emotions, mostly through performance art, but also occasionally turning to other media, such as painting, drawing, video, photography and objects. At the core of his creations are myths and stories that he has authored himself. In his works, the artist makes up modern-day fairy tales which he then corrects, tears down, and then retells from the beginning, again and again. Cecchetti makes us believe that his works are alive and changing; he does this in his paintings by, for instance, using dripping paint.

Cecchetti's works episodically feature violence, which is something that he researched when he lived in India, through the filming of dogs. The results of his study can be seen in the film “Study of Dogs” (2007), which follows dogs that hunt.

An essential part of Cecchetti's art is the text that accompanies it. He introduces the exhibition “Comrades of Fear and Wonder” with the following:

One day is enough, dear William,
if in the morning I could see some of your drawings
and have lunch at the window with you.
Then we could walk that walk and sit in the shade,
watching the passersby without talk.
And when I’ll be tired from all the light and the rain,
and my head will no longer retain the shapes of faces,
it will be nice to hear one of your stories
while staring at the snow whirling or at the red evening sunset.
One day is enough, if you give me the night as well.
And I promise not to use a knife against the sky to mark constellations,
but I will try, as much as you, to throw a net to accomplish my simple task.
And our yesterday as any other tomorrow would be the gift of now.

The exhibition will be supplemented with a special events program: the conversation game, I GIOCATORI (THE PLAYERS), on February 29; and the performance, COMRADES OF FEAR AND WONDER, which will be presented in two parts, on the 10th and 15th of March.

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Vilnius, Lithuania