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Miķelis Fišers. First contacts. 2012. Ready-made. Photo: Mārtiņš Grauds

Miķelis Fišers solo show at Loft Project Etagi 0

Miķelis Fišers “El cosmos no perdona las faltas”
“Formula” gallery, Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg
March 16 – June 12, 2012

A solo show by the Latvian artist Miķelis Fišers, titled “El cosmos no perdona las faltas” (The cosmos doesn't forgive mistakes), will be on exhibit at the Loft Project Etagi's “Formula” gallery, in St. Petersburg, from March 16 through June 12. The paintings and objects on view show the bitter daily life of aerospace researchers and the capitulation of technology in the face of the Unknown. Taking into consideration the state of the world in terms of ecology, energy issues and demographics, the artist shows the irony in continuing further research in astronomy and aeronautics.

Miķelis Fišers (1970) has taken part in exhibitions since the mid-1990's, creating installations, objects, paintings and stage designs for theatrical productions in Latvia. The artist has always been interested in the unknown and the supernatural – world-wide “energy” spots, extraterrestrial life, the occult and the expanding of conscious experience. Balancing on the edge of the believable and the unbelievable in the harsh light of extreme esoterica, cosmic mysteries, doom's day predictions and conspiracy theories, Fišers' works ironically interpret human fantasies about the earth's evolution, and also make the viewer doubt the correctness of the Universe's scientific orderliness.

The paintings and objects on view in “El cosmos no perdona las faltas” were created in the time period of 2009 to 2012.

Ligovsky prospekt 74
St. Petersburg, Russia