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“It's a boy!” 0

The weather was perfect last week in London's Trafalgar Square when on February 23 Scandinavian artists Elmgreen & Dragset were presenting on their new baby, new artwork created specially for the Fourth Plinth. It is the 4meter high bronze boy on a rocking horse, which sits opposite of the statue of King George IV. The artwork was unveiled by actress Joana Lumley who is well known for her extremely ironic role in the TV series, called “Absolutely Fabulous”.

As Wallpaper magazine notices “ore than any other public artwork in London, The Fourth Plinth, set up as an art project in 1998, provokes heated discussions and transforms every Londoner into an art critic.” The statue has been called “Golden Boy”. It seems to enjoy a quite enthusiastic approval of the public, who are whispering to each other while looking at the sculpture: “It's a boy!”