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Landau and From after lifting a new work, July 2016. Photo: Shaxaf Haber


After 15 years of creating art in the Dead Sea and more than a year of writing, editing, design, and photography Sigalit Landau and Yotam From are launching an Indiegogo campaign to support the final stages of their book production. 

ARCHIVE: An interview with Israeli artist Sigalit Landau

Tutu ballet dress rising from the water of the Dead Sea 2016. P
hoto: Shaxaf Haber

Exhibited in leading art venues, Sigalit Landau's video art, salt crystal sculptures and photographic works from the last 15 years are collected in this in-depth publication to be seen together for the first time. Texts, photographs of new installations and documentation of the process in the Dead Sea were especially written and created. Inspired by the topographical, historical, cultural and environmental realms of the Dead Sea; ‘Sigalit Landau SALT YEARS’ invites us to embark on a personal artistic voyage. Marking Landau's 15-year oeuvre and fascination with the Dead Sea, ‘Sigalit Landau SALT YEARS’ sheds new light on the fundamental leitmotiv that underlies her multifaceted artistic creation. Offering insights to the artist's visions, this volume explores Landau's career reflecting the breadth of her oeuvre. The book is an invitation to take part in the transformative power of art and Landau's transformation of the Dead Sea into a laboratory and medium for new experiments, ideas and heart/ground breaking understandings, revealing the death-bearing to life sustaining alchemy of salt. 

Removing a crystallised fishing net, July 2016. P
hoto: Shaxaf Haber

Sigalit Landau SALT YEARS’ will be produced in standard and 50 deluxe editions. Both edition will be in 190 × 260 cm (71⁄2 × 101⁄4 in.) format, with 230 pages, Weight: 1.3 kg (2.65 lb). Texts in English and mostly large images printed in full color with spot varnish on 150 gr. Luxo Art samt paper. Six ‘chairs’ will be spread throughout the book printed on 150 gr. Heaven 42 paper.

Sigalit Landau in collaboration with Yotam From. 
Salt Crystal Bridal Gown III, 2014. Color Print, 163 x 106 cm. Courtesy of the artist

Born in Jerusalem in 1969, Sigalit Landau is an interdisciplinary artist who works with installation, video, photography and sculpture. One could say Landau's varied œuvre is auto-bio-topo- graphical in as much as it deals with writing (graph), of life (bio), in a locale (topos), and writing of a locale in life. While rooted in the realm of the reality, her work carries a larger weight, exploring the transformations of the cold, hard facts of the world into beautiful, often formidable, yet tender work. 

Landau with new salt sculptures, July 2016. P
hoto: Shaxaf Haber

“The works which I make in the Dead Sea relates to history, found everyday objects and the body. Considering the scope of the experiences and achievements – A book is the best way to collect and to share this "project". To “crystallize” a part of my story with new texts and images, archival and recent documentation.” Sigalit Landau 

Sigalit Landau. Island of Shoes, 2015, sculpture, 200 × 200 × 80 cm, MOCAK Collection, photo: R. Sosin

Sigalit Landau. When I go, 2017. Furniture and readymades, cello, veil, suspended in the water of the Dead Sea. Photo: Yotam From

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