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(Fragment) Still Life about Everlasting Harmony and Peace. 2011

“Handsome Hero and Plenty of Still Lifes” 0

Kaido Ole. Handsome Hero and Plenty of Still Lifes
KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn
January 27 – April 15, 2012

Kaido Ole's (1963) expansive solo show of his paintings, “Handsome Hero and Plenty of Still Lifes”, is being held in KUMU's Large Hall through April 15. Ole is one of Estonia's internationally best-known contemporary painters, and has also worked in the genres of installation and video. His signature style has been cultivated over the years and is immediately recognized by his followers – it is important for Ole to find the real form in his work, so that the art is clear and its idea legible to all. In this exhibition at KUMU, Ole has put his latest works on display; one can see that a change has occurred in the way that he addresses the viewer: still lifes with real objects in surreal environments, which require a larger amount of participation in order to create a meaning for the work. Nevertheless, as these large-format paintings visibly indicate, humor and irony are still at the base of the artist's values. In an interview with, Ole explained: “Irony and humor are the only way that one can gain a second viewpoint... A binocular view is necessary, both dimensions. Of course, it's difficult to be serious and flippant at the same time; but it's definitely not impossible.”

Still Life about Everlasting Harmony and Peace. 2011

Weizenbergi 34/Valge 1
Tallinn, Estonia

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