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Vilnius Planetarium

New art space in Vilnius – The Gardens 1

Juste Kostikovaite

Even as spring is still to come, one thing is clear: the new exhibition space The Gardens in Vilnius is about to add what the city was missing after Tulips&Roses left to Brussels. When Inesa’s Pavlovskaite’s and Gerda Paliusyte’s space opens on 21st of January, it will be the youngest art gallery in Vilnius, working with and around conceptual art.

The Gardens do not claim to be a gallery, though. As it is said in their webpage, The Gardens is an exhibition space. A stone’s throw fromNational Art Gallery, it will hopefully become the meeting point for young artists and various art projects.

When asked “why now?” founders of The Gardens were saying to “The Gardens was conceived simply through our motivation and youthful enthusiasm. We’ve got our own approach to the art process, which is presented only at few institutions in Lithuania, so now it was the right time to start The Gardens

The Gardens are located in dilapidated but charming Planetarium. It is not the first time when Planetarium is used for art projects. Last year it was included in the “Art in Unexpected Places” event, and in the last decade it was used during ORE electronic music and art events. 



January 21
Vilnius planetarium premises
Constitution Ave. 12A, Vilnius, Lithuania

18:00 Mark Geffriaud exhibition
20:00 Molly Nilsson concert