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Empty Space. Director: Ülo Pikkov, Animation: Marili Sokk. Estonia, 2016

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2016 0

Five festival highlights, by Anders Narverud Moen, director of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Fredrikstad Animation Festival
Fredrikstad, Norway
November 10-13, 2016

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1. Competition programme for Nordic and Baltic Animated short film

This is the festival’s annual competition programme for animated short films from the Nordic and Baltic region. 18 short films have been selected to be screened in two programmes: in the competition for the Grand Prix; and the Golden Gunnar for best Nordic-Baltic animated short. The audience can vote on their favourite after the screenings. The programme include films from highly regarded short-film masters such as Jonas Odell, Joanna Rytel, Jan Otto Ertesvåg, and Kristian Pedersen. 

Google Spotlight Stories: Rain Or Shine Trailer

2. Seminar Programme, including speakers Jericca Cleland, Mark Davies, and Felix Massie

As every year, the 2016 edition of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival will present a high-quality seminar programme for professionals. The scheduled speakers are great artists form the international animation scene who will present their groundbreaking work in animation. 

Jericca Cleland-Hura's seminar exposes the power of images to build story, context, and emotion, and presents practical techniques for structuring visuals to support cinematic narrative.

Director Felix Massie and Project Leader Mark Davies from Nexus Studios London will outline the artistic and technical journey they experienced while making the interactive, 360-immersive short film Rain or Shine, which has been commissioned by Google as part of their Spotlight Stories VR project.

Captain Credible. Dead Cats Teaser

 3. Animated Club 

Animated Club is a unique collaboration in which music and animation live in symbiosis and create a rare club event. Three music artists team up with three visual artists to create a club night at which expansive electronic music is combined with innovative animated visual arts. The result of the collaboration will only be shown during the Fredrikstad Animation Festival. The participating artists have been selected in cooperation with Henrik Langgård, who is the artistic project manager as well as a musician and an active figure in the music and art scene in Fredrikstad.  

Meta-multi-instrumentalist Captain Credible, who in 2015 released Dead Cats on a circuit board, collaborates with Daniel Wiklund, who works with audiovisual art and spatial installations, and is the person behind the production platform Hypnorama.

Mari-Liis Rebane and Quiltland has teamed up to combine Mari-Liis’s interest in expanding the concept of animation and interaction between art, media, and technology with Quiltlands surreal and often melancholic soundscapes. 

The third pair working together to combine visual arts and music consists of the visual multi-artist Mats Sivertsen, who often has a sci-fi-inspired form of expression in his art, and the artist Mesak, who has experience in the electro scene, hip-hop, techno, skwee and sound art.

Gunnar Wille / Skrumpen

4. Gunnar Wille lecture and retrospective

During the festival we will be honouring multi-artist, author, and animation instructor Gunnar Wille for his life-long career and artistic contributions to Nordic-Baltic animation.

Wille is best known as the creator behind the sometimes naughty character Skrumpen (from a Danish children´s television series), and has been the head of the animation programme at the National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen.

During the festival, Gunnar Wille will give a lecture on his career, show selected short films, and present an exhibition of selected works at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad.

The guest of honour is selected by the Festival Board. Gunnar Wille stands out among Nordic animators as a creator of both animated films and series, not to mention being the head of the animation programme at the National Film School of Denmark – an educational institution which has contributed many films and directors throughout the years, and is one of the most important animation educators in our part of the world.

Konstantin Bronzit. We Can't Live Without the Cosmos Trailer

5. And, of course, Konstantin Bronzit 

Throughout his career, Bronzit has made several short films for which he has won around 200 different awards. He was nominated for an Academy Award twice: in 2016 for We can't live without Cosmos, and in 2009 for Lavatory - Lovestory. His film At the Ends of the Earth (1999) was nominated for a César, the French Film Academy Award, in 2001.

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Bronzit will contribute to the Fredrikstad Animation Festival with a presentation on Friday, 11 November, at which the audience will have the opportunity to watch selected films and learn about his life and career.