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“Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” Magazine is launched in Vienna 0

A photo report from the launch of Issue No. 3 of the “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” Magazine in Vienna

Photo: Agnija Grigule

22 September 2016, saw Issue No. 3 of the Arterritory Conversations with Collectors, a conversational magazine made by the team, launched at the Media Zone of the viennacontemporary international contemporary art fair. The event brought together a varied company of representatives of the contemporary art circles ‒ prominent art gallerists, critics, art publication editors and also a string of influential collectors. The key feature of the gathering was the public dialogue of Irene Gludowacz, a contemporary art expert of European standing and a regular contributor, with the Estonian art collector Riivo Anton, who placed a special emphasis on the international character of art: ‘The art world of today is no longer a regional phenomenon. Media like, generating its content in English and available for reading anywhere in the world, is an excellent channel through which the Baltic countries can reach wider horizons.’

Moderator of the public conversation Irene M. Gludowacz, Director of Una Meistare, the Estonian collector Riivo Anton, Editor-in-Chief of Daiga Rudzāte, the English Editor of Agnese Čivle and Social Media Editor of Agnija Grigule

Leafing through the green-covered magazine, the guests of the stand exchanged their thoughts and impressions about everything they had so far seen at the viennacontemporary art fair and the current highlights of the city’s culture calendar, as well as engaged in enthusiastic discussions of the content of Issue No. 3 of Arterritory Conversations with Collectors. The lively group included one of the protagonists of Issue No. 2 of the magazine, the Belgian art collector Alain Servais; the Austrian collector, pianist and conductor Michael Klaar; art collectors from Berlin Ingrid and Thomas Jochheim; the extravagant Lithuanian-born Belgian collector Danutė Mallart; the Latvian collector Māris Vītols; the prominent Viennese gallerist Ursula Krinzinger from Galerie Krinzinger; gallerist Volker Diehl from Berlin; the founder and artistic director of Fondazione Sambuca in Palermo Paolo Falcone; Head of VIP Relations of Art Brussels Marie Vander Elst; the Lithuanian gallerists Jolanta Chockevičiūtė and  Laura Rutkute (Vartai Gallery); the Estonian gallerist Olga Temnikova (Temnikova&Kassela); the Swiss art historian, curator and gallerist Patrick Urwyler (Chimera-Project Gallery (HU)); the Estonian artist Anu Vahtra, et al.

In this sparkly atmosphere the Baltic-based online art medium spent last night at the crossroads of Europe, in Vienna, and completed the launch of Issue No. 3 of Arterritory Conversations with Collectors to start working on the next issue of the magazine.

Belgian collector Alain Servais and Agnese Čivle 

Agnese Čivle and curator and gallerist Patrick Urwyler

Latvian collector Māris Vītols, Head of the P.R.A.E. PR Agency Ainārs Ērglis, Estonian collector Riivo Anton and Estonian artist Anu Vahtra

Danutė Mallart and Daiga Rudzāte

Gallerist Laura Rutkute and Michael Klaar

Die Presse Culture Editor Adelheid Liehr and Una Meistere

Gallerist Olga Temnikova and Riivo Anton

Una Meistere and Art Brussels Head of VIP PR Marie Vander Elst 

Independent developer from Bergen Michèle Polak

Agnese Čivle and Founding Artistic Director of Fondazione Sambuca Paolo Falcone

Collector Alain Servais

Irene M. Gludowacz, Riivo Anton and Daiga Rudzāte 

Una Meistere and Austrian collector Michael Klaar


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