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Kadudega / Lossylong 2012. 1, 2 brooch. Courtesy of the Rotasa Collection. Photo: Tiit Rammul

The “Testament” of Kadri Mälk 0

The book and the exhibitions of a notable Estonian jewellery designer Kadri Mälk, in Tallinn

Kadri Mälk “Testament”
St Nicholas church, Tallinn
Portrait Gallery, Tallinn
September 27 - October 27, 2016

Graceful and subtle, yet wild and independent, is what describes the work of Kadri Mälk, the founder of an internationally-renowned Estonian school of jewellery. For Kadri, a jewel is perfectly sufficient as a jewel and she does not strive to be outside its intimacy, its value or its closeness. Everything, which could be called a tradition, allows her to skilfully manage uncontrollable power, desperate passion and the will to life with all its acceptances and refusals, subjections and sovereignties.

Call of the Wild, 2011. Object, h 290 painted mahogany, jet, moleskin, silver, gold, spinels.  Collection of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Photo: Tiit Rammul

Medusa III, 2004. Brooch, h 90 mm, darkened silver, rubber. Courtesy of the Bollmann Collection, Austria. Photo: Tiit Rammul

Her works can be found at the Victoria and  Albert Museum in London, Alice and Louis Koch Sammlung in Zürich, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, museums in Moscow, Hamburg, Berlin, NY, LACMA in Los Angeles, Espace Solidor in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France, and numerous private collections.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers is the co-publisher of a book that shares a title with the exhibition, “Kadri Mälk. Testament” (pp 336)

(Spread) “Kadri Mälk. Testament”. Publisher © Kadri Mälk, Arnoldsche Art Publishers. Stuttgart, Näo Kirik, Tallinn 

(Spread) “Kadri Mälk. Testament”. Publisher © Kadri Mälk, Arnoldsche Art Publishers. Stuttgart, Näo Kirik, Tallinn 

(Spread) “Kadri Mälk. Testament”. Publisher © Kadri Mälk, Arnoldsche Art Publishers. Stuttgart, Näo Kirik, Tallinn 

Testament is the name of Kadri Mälk´s exhibition and the title of her book. Her summary and insight into her art and her life, which she has – one next to the other, one as the assumption for the other or indeed one despite the other – been refining with passion and persistence. Moderation and permissibility in the extreme, covering a period of intensive creativity with an awe-inspiring number of Works.

Both the artist and her creations are more alive and resilient than ever before; engaging in clear, all-cards-on-the-table manoeuvres with the freedom and pleasure of one who is no longer constrained by time. -- Tamara Luuk

... big, unruly hair, aquiline nose, dark, wild eyes, many layers of clothing with subtle shades and hidden patterns, one piece of jewellery on your chest, another on your hat, shoes with pointed tips – all of it black, naturally, or even darker than black. A witch, a shaman of the north country. ... You have instilled in me the belief that art can contain truth. A knowledge distilled from a large pattern. …"We don’t make trinkets you once said”. That remains my way of measuring all other art. It’s an unforgiving yardstick. -- Tanel Veenre

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