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Photo: Kalle Kataila

“European Eyes on Japan” in Tallinn 0

European Eyes on Japan
Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Tallinn
8 December 2011 – 22 January 2012

The European Eyes on Japan exhibition, showing the work of internationally renowned contemporary photography artists Kalle Kataila (Finland, 1978) and Krista Mölder (Estonia, 1972) can be seen at Tallinn’s Temnikova & Kasela gallery until January 22. Both exhibitors visited Japan in 2010 and 2011 as part of the European Union’s contemporary culture project Japan Today / European Eyes on Japan. Since 1999, 3-6 European photographers have been selected as participants of the project each year, to subsequently display their vision of Japanese daily life and contemporary culture as seen “through European eyes” in exhibitions in the West. The authors reflect on what is unique in Japanese culture and society; what is commonplace for locals, but seems exceptional to Europeans? The emphasis changes every year depending on the area of Japan where the project takes place. Kalle Kataila and Krista Mölder visited Akita. To date, 50 photographers from various European countries have taken part in Japan Today.

The exhibition at Temnikova & Kasela gallery is part of the European Capital of Culture programme. It was previously exhibited in the Finnish city of Turku, which is the second 2011 European Capital of Culture.

Photo: Krista Mölder

The prefecture of Akita, stayed in and immortalized by Kalle Kataila and Krista Mölder, is located in the Tōhoku Region in the north of Honshu island. Finnish photographer Kalle Kataila focused on photographing the local landscape. It has a unique aesthetic, having evolved under the influence of powerful forces of nature and modern technologies. As the basis of her series of work, Estonian  photographer Krista Mölder chose the Japanese concept of ‘ma’, indicating a gap, time, space, and the in-between. In Mölder’s work, the past and present of Japan converge, vividly characterising the uniqueness of Japanese culture: Samurai-era houses and contemporary architecture co-existing. Krista Mölder is the first Baltic artist to have her photographs included in the influential Deutsche Bank art collection.

It should be noted that the exhibition is housed in two locations in Tallinn: both the small Temnikova & Kasela gallery in the old town (Müürivahe 22) and the new premises opened this summer at the 1 Lastekodu Street building.
Müürivahe 22 & Lastekodu 1
Tallinn, Estonia