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“Arterritory Conversations With Collectors, No. 3” Is Released 0

Congenial conversations about art

This week will see the release of the latest and third issue of the magazine “Arterritory Conversations With Collectors”. It contains interviews with eleven influential art collectors, people who – each in his or her own way – collaborates with, encourages and creates the current art scene in their locale, be it New York, Turin, Oslo, Vienna, Brussels, Riga, Tallinn or Berlin.

“Arterritory Conversations With Collectors, No. 3”

Much like one of the subjects in this newest issue, the extreme adventurer Erling Kagge, we also believe that art is an adventure that can make one feel a just-as-exciting rainbow of emotions as, for instance, going on a solo excursion to the South Pole, or exploring the underground tunnels and labyrinths of the New York City utilities systems. Art broadens one’s thinking; it has the ability to change, and the ability to heal. One of the interviewees of the latest issue – Rebecca Russo, a psychotherapist and art collector from Turin who has patented a method of healing using contemporary art – says: “I was 20 years old when I bought my first piece of artwork. And right from the very beginning, my concept and choices were based on insight. I choose with my brain, my heart, and my soul.”

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In today’s art world, collectors have become just as influential figures as critics and curators. And along with all of this, they also hold a great power over aesthetics. Collectors enter the art world by way of their passion, and they are ready to share this world just as passionately. The way in which a collector speaks about art and how to display it allows the art to also enter the worlds of other people: “I don’t think of the things in my collection as of things that I own. I think about having them for a period to learn from, and then moving on. Owning is not the goal. Learning is,” is how Daniel Wolf put it during our conversation in New York.

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The art space of art collector Désiré Feuerle, designed by the famous architect John Pawson and recently opened in Berlin, is one of the event sites for the currently ongoing 9th Berlin Biennale. As Feuerle says: “This is what I want to do in my new Museum – display things in a different way, so that an old piece becomes a contemporary piece. The important thing is to contract the pieces, to take out the musty atmosphere that surrounds so many museums.”

“Arterritory Conversations With Collectors” is being released as two separate editions, one in Latvian and one in English. The publication’s visual design was created by the design group “Augusts”, its written content is the work of the website’s creative team, and its concept-authors are Una Meistere, Director of, and Daiga Rudzāte, Editor-In-Chief.