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Fourth Edition of Arterritory Conversations Just Published! 0

Fourteen conversations about freedom and other topical subjects

The art and culture internet portal has just come out with Arterritory Conversations, No. 4, its fourth edition of the now-annual compendium. This newest issue features fourteen of the portal's creative team's most interesting interviews with artists, directors and curators, all which took place in 2015.

Many of the past year's conversations touched upon the theme of FREEDOM. Not too long ago, not many of us would have thought that “freedom” would again enter our daily lives and thoughts on such a prominent scale – that our accepted freedoms could become so complicated and turn into what could rightly be called “an expensive folly”. And then there's this increasingly touchy subject: Do we wish to share the freedoms that we do have with everyone out there?

“More freedom, more tolerance, less of a return of orthodox structures into politics and relationships, more enlightenment; yes – more freedom,” is how the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm sees his ideal world. In speaking of the situation of art in Poland, Polish artist Miroslaw Balka also brings up the theme of freedom. Gilbert & George, cult figures of the British art scene, ponder the timely issues of freedom and restrictions. Another Brit, Liam Gillick, sees freedom as a daily burden for artists – one must choose a theme, a concept, and a medium, then exhibit responsibility and make a decision.

Also featured in this latest issue are the artists Olafur Eliasson, Dries Verhoeven, Hiroshi Sugimoto and the Recycle Art Group; fashion designer Rolands Pēterkops; theater and film people Jens Hillje and Agnieszka Holland; museum curator Aric Chen; Vienna Biennale initiator Christoph Thun-Hohenstein; and the architect Willem-Jan Neuteling. In various different ways, all of them are building complicit relationships with their personal freedoms as they strive to turn the audience's gaze towards its own freedom.

Arterritory Conversations is published in three separate language versions – in Latvian, English and Russian. The publication's visual layout was put together by the association Augusts, the content was written by the internet portal's creative team, and the magazine's conceptual authors are Una Meistere, Director of, and Daiga Rudzāte, Editor in Chief.

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