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Art Critique Conference in St. Petersburg 2

“Art and Reality 2011: Art Criticism” Conference
Фонд Петра Кончаловского, St. Petersburg
November 25-27, 2011

Art scientists, critics, students, anthropologists, experts, curators, collectors, dealers, market experts, as well as journalists, bloggers and other's belonging to the art world, are all heading to St. Petersburg at the end of November, to take part in the international scientific conference, Art and Reality 2011: Art Criticism, organized by the Petr Konchalovsky Foundation (Фонд Петра Кончаловского). The Konchalovsky Foundation, which supports art education and development in Russia, organizes this annual forum, dedicated to art science, to promote discussion of the latest world-wide events and issues in the field.

The film director and one of the founders of the the Petr Konchalovsky Foundation, Andrei Konchalovsky (Андрей Кончаловский), notes that, in his opinion, conferences like these, that raise the whole level of the creative field, have been requisite since Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) publicly exhibited a signed urinal (“Fountain”, 1917), and brought the critics to a stand-still. That is why, in order to evaluate the development of today's creative processes, mutually accepted and clear criteria must be developed in an environment of professionals.

The conference's program is divided into three parts. The first day will cover the theme of “art – critique”, and will look at the current research going on regarding this relationship, from a philosophical and historical aspect. On the second day, art critique in the era of the new mass media will be discussed. On the third, and closing, day of the conference, discussions, critiques and readings will be held on the corollary findings of the previous two days.

Read about the conference's participants here.

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St. Petersburg, Russia