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Cover of “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors Vol 2”

Magazine Release: “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors Vol 2” 0

The culture and art website has released the second issue of its exclusive magazine, “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors”. The magazine was presented as part of the professional preview days of the 56th Venice Biennale and is available in the bookshops of the Biennale. This second issue of magazine features conversations with art collectors Gilles Fuchs, Igor Tsukanov, Ryutaro Takahashi, Giuliano Gori, Julia Stoschek, Alain Servais, Jean Pigozzi, Jānis Zuzāns, Takeo Obayashi, Egidio Marzona, and Isabelle Maeght.

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“Collectors are the main drivers of the art world”, says  the London-based, Russian collector Igor Tsukanov, owner of a collection that focuses on the 'second Russian avant-garde', i.e., Russian art from the 1960s–80s. has dared to rephrase his words as: 'the main drivers of form'. This second volume of Conversations with Collectors is a compilation of eleven different viewpoints on both art and the world – eleven conversations that took place in Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Nice, Riga, Brussels, Antibes, and the small village of Santomato di Pistoia.

“Why does someone like Picasso or Monet? An explanation doesn't mean anything. You either like something or you don't.” - Takeo Obayashi  

“If you have a problem with alcohol, you can go to Alcoholics Anonymous, but there's nothing you can do for collecting. Except if you have no more money...” – Jean Pigozzi

Magazine's subjects are very different from one another – they span a variety of ages and have differing views on the contemporary. However, no matter how different this group of people may be, there is one thing (besides a shared passion for art), that joins them together: the exceptional ability to focus and direct their attention and energy towards a specific goal that they have set for themselves. Each one of them has a vision that they are striving to bring to life. “You have to be specialized; you can’t try to do everything, otherwise it doesn’t work,” says Jean Pigozzi, whose personal obsession is Japanese and African art.

“We live in the digital era and the spirit of the times plays an important role in my collection.” -  Julia Stoschek

“I've never had the feeling that I am an artist. More like a composer, architect or film director,” reveals Berlin-based collector Egidio Marzona. believes that this is a special calling – to be the architect of your own special world, of your collection; to give shape to a specific period defining a tumultuous and colourful stream of art – to make a three-dimensional model of it. Keeping in mind future generations, this allows for the preservation of not only the artworks themselves, but also of the technologies of their perception, as in Julia Stoschek's time-based art collection.

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Wondering, where to buy the magazine “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” to read interviews with world's leading art collectors? In your nearest bookstore in Europe! Here is the full list:

-           Do you read me (Berlin)
-           Pro qm (Berlin)
-           Shakespeare and Company Bookshop (Paris)
-           Konst-ig konstbokhandel (Stockholm); Papercut Shop (Stockholm)
-           Contemporary Art at Kumu (Tallinn)
-           Knygynas eureka! (Vilnius)
-           SODA BOOKS (Munich)
-           FRONT (London)
-           YME Universe Bookstore (Oslo)
-           THE THIEF hotel (Oslo) – read only
-           Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) (Vilnius) – read only
-           The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Riga)
-           The Arsenāls Exhibition Hall (Riga)
-           Gallery PUTTI (Riga)
-           Concept Store RIIJA (Riga)
-           Bookshops of the 56th Venice Biennale (Venice)