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Elena Narbutaite. Installation view / slideshow from work "Dust Lady". 2010

Project “Sleeper” in Vilnius 0

Dalia Dūdėnaitė & Elena Narbutaitė - “Sleeper”
CAC, Vilnius
16 November, 2011 – 15 January, 2012

Beginning November 16, the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) in Vilnius is showing the Lithuanian contemporary art exhibit-project, “Sleeper” (“Miegalius”), which was on exhibit this spring at the Peep-Hole center in Milan. The artistic duo of Dalia Dūdėnaitė (1984) & Elena Narbutaitė (1984) has transformed the exhibition room into a house somewhere in the forest; wild animals peer into the windows, throwing shadows on the surrounding bushes. “Sleeper” embodies a philosophy about processes in the human consciousness which, knowingly or not, change along with the environment, which in turn, can either become an actual place, or vice versa. The project's goal is to describe the meaning of the word “sleeper” and to illustrate the processes going on between a sleeping person and what is going on around him. Even when the sleeping person isn't aware of it, the surrounding environment is influencing him...

This is the project's first exhibition in Lithuania. In bringing the project together, the artists worked with the engineer and designer, Mike Malkovas, who also assisted in putting out the exhibit's catalog (Sleeper. Published by CAC, Vilnius, in cooperation with the publishers Mousse and Peep-Hole, Milan). Peep-Hole is a non-profit organization in the Italian city of Milan, dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art, publications and lectures.

Vokieciu 2
Vilnius, Lithuania