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Collective Actions. Third Variation. Gorky Village. 28 May, 1978

e-flux Inaugurates New Space with Moscow's Conceptual Art 0

Out of Town: Andrei Monastyrski & Collective Actions
e-flux, New York City
5 November, 2011 – 7 January, 2012

This autumn, all trips “out of town” lead to the Big Apple. The electronic art-news publication/cultural bulletin, e-flux, will celebrate the opening of their new exhibition space in New York's modern Lower East Side neighborhood on 5 November. In starting this new stage of their development, e-flux will present to the public the exhibition “Trips Out of Town”, a co-production by the Russian pioneer in conceptual art, Andrei Monastyrski (Андре́й Ви́кторович Монасты́рский, 1949) and the still-energetic artist-group, Collective Actions

The year was 1976 when four legendary figures of the Moscow Art scene – Andrei Monastyrski, Nikita Alekseeyev, Georgy Kizevalter and Nikolai Panitkov – founded a new movement in conceptual art with the goal of creating artistically organized processes and activities. Often times, Monastyrski would hold the group's meetings at his flat. He meticulously took notes on the subjects of conversation, which were later published in special editions that threw light on the initial plans, activities and history of Collective Actions.

The members of “Collective Actions” in 1977

The curator of said exhibition is the Berlin-born Boris Efimovich Groys (1947) – cultural theoretician on Russian art, essayist and author of several international art projects. Groys was also commissar of Russia's national pavilion (“Empty Zones” by Andrei Monastyrski) at the 54th Venice Biennial.

The exhibition (open from 5 November through 7 January of next year) draws together a selection of works and documentation from Andrei Monastyrski’s career as an artist, poet, theoretician, and member of Collective Actions. Along with the project “Out of Town”, a selection of Monastyrski’s photographic series, titled Earth Works (1987), and his most recent performance, Podjachev’s Youtube Channel (2010–2011), will also be presented. 

As part of the celebratory opening, Boris Groys himself will give a lecture on 10 November.

311 East Broadway, 2nd floor
New York, USA