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The Third Issue of “Arterritory Conversations” – On the Crucial Role of Art In Our Survival 0

The newest print issue of “Arterritory Conversations” – from the internet art and culture website, – is available free of charge at institutions of cultural education, cafes, art galleries, design shops and museums throughout Latvia and the Baltic States.

This latest issue contains 14 of the most memorable interviews published on in 2014. “This year we talked a lot about survival, the price of freedom, and political challenges that are being faced. The people we covered in this issue also speak about how to gain a deeper understanding of the art world, and which of its guideposts promote the achievement of a fully conscious existence – what one could call 'a life worth living',” explain the magazine's creators.

Within this issue is an interview with Massimiliano Gioni, curator of the last Venice Biennale, who believes that “art is a place or an activity in which you exercise your ability to accept what you don't know. (..) Art, and specifically contemporary art, is, on a whole, a place where the definition of art is continually being reformulated. And this is precisely how it attracts people – with freedom and participation.” The famous French artist, Christian Boltanski, opines that “anyone can take whatever they want from art. A good artwork is an open artwork. Everyone who looks upon my works understands what it is that he or she must understand. There is no one, single truth.” The well-known artist Antony Gormley, on the other hand, points out that “the balance of the elemental world is absolutely messed up. We have evolved in an environment that has been subjugated and transformed, while our own consciousness hasn't developed one iota. This is exactly why we are in acute need of change on a cultural level. And here we see the crucial role that art has.”

Also included in this issue are interviews with the directors Alvis Hermanis, Signe Baumane and Jonas Mekas, as well as conversations with the prominent Austrian gallerist Thaddeus Ropak and the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, among others.

“Arterritory Conversations” is published in three separate language editions – Latvian, English and Russian. The magazine's art design was done by the design group “Augusts” and the artist Kirils Kirasirovs, one of Latvia's leading graphic designers. Editorial content is authored by the website's creative team, and the project's concept is the brainchild of Una Meistere, director of, and Daiga Rudzāte, the website's editor-in-chief.

The magazine was supported in part by the corporate ABLV Charitable Foundation. 

Complimentary copies of “Arterritory Conversations” can be found at educational institutions, cafes, art galleries and museums in Latvia and throughout the Baltic States. The number of copies is limited, so act quickly. More detailed information on spots where you can get your copy of “Arterritory Conversations” will be posted on's Facebook page.

“Arterritory Conversations” is a compendium of exchanges with some of the most brilliant personalities in today's cultural scene. We wish you an enjoyable read!

Mairita Brice