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Photo: Petri Summanen

Performing Arts Event in a Closed Kiasma 0

“Business as Unusual” – performance event
Kiasma, Helsinki
October 24 -26, 2014

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art may have closed its doors for renovations in September 2014, but despite that, this / event is going to be held in Kiasma’s empty gallery spaces on the 3rd floor. The event, called “Business as Unusual”, is happening during the weekend of 24-26 October. The programme for Friday and Saturday has been curated in advance.

We found this event to be quite intriguing, and that’s why we knocked at the door of Kiasma Theatre producer, Sanni Pajula, to ask a few questions.

Is this event taking place in Kiasma’s gallery space a tradition, or is it happening for the first time? What is the history of this event?

The / event, organized by Kiasma Theatre, provides a new vision or perspective into performing arts every year. The event has been arranged annually since 2005, and it is slightly different every year. This year we're occupying Kiasma's 3rd floor gallery spaces with live performances. Kiasma's gallery spaces have been used a few times for / over the years, but not regularly. The last time was in 2012, when we arranged in the gallery spaces a three-week-long performing arts event called Performance Compost, with over 30 performances in it.

Roger Bernat's “Rite of Spring”. Photo: BLENDA

Is the space used in the set design of the performances? And how does the scenographer deal with the fact that Kiasma is in the process of renovation?

This year we have 12 different gallery spaces in use, and the idea was to keep them as they are. In other words, the performers were already informed in the early stages that the spaces won't be masked as black boxes or theatre spaces. This makes the event more like a living gallery rather than traditional theatre.

The gallery spaces used in our event are not under renovation, and walking in the areas that are under renovation is prohibited for everyone. We are using a back door for the audience entrance.

Barba Mundi. Photo: Tomi Humalisto 

Which performers would you like to highlight and why?

This is a difficult question as there are so many interesting performances! I'm personally interested in “Barba Mundi” by Tuukka Vasama and Atro Kahiluoto, who are investigating the concept of a beard in different ways throughout the event. Also, our international guest Roger Bernat, with his performance “Rite of Spring”, is something to look forward to!

Fri 24 Oct at 16-18.30
Sat 25 Oct at 14-16.30
Sun 26 Oct at 14-16