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“Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” in THE THIEF hotel suites in Oslo

Wondering, where to buy the magazine “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors”? 0

The culture and art website has released the first issue of its exclusive magazine, “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors”. Featuring eleven interviews with Europe's leading art collectors, “Conversations” invites the public to an inside glimpse of how the most prestigious private art collections in Europe have come to be. The people interviewed in this issue are figures whose status and investments in art have transformed them into authorities, and their opinions are respected and taken into account by not only the art market, but by the art world as a whole. Many of them are members of the board of esteemed museums, and their investment into creating the common cultural sphere is equal to that of official institutions, for it is a passion like theirs that leads to the taking of initiative and the execution of crazy ideas.

Wondering, where to buy the magazine “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” to read our interviews with Europe's leading art collectors? In your nearest bookstore in Europe! Here is the full list, where you can by it for 9.99 EUR: 

Do you read me (Berlin); Pro qm (Berlin); Shakespeare and Company Bookshop (Paris); Konst-ig konstbokhandel (Stockholm); Papercut Shop (Stockholm); Contemporary Art at Kumu (Tallinn); Knygynas eureka! (Vilnius); SODA BOOKS (Munich); FRONT (London); YME Universe bookstore and in two of the most prestigious THE THIEF hotel suites in Oslo.

And you can read (but not buy) it also in Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius Reading Room.

“Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” in PRO-QM Berlin

“Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” in SODA BOOKS (Munich)

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