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Gints Gabrāns “Blood-light. Portrait”. 2011

Baltic Artists' Exhibition at 4th Moscow Biennial 1

Aesthetics or Information / Эстетика vs информация Vol. 2
Zurab Cereteli Gallery, Moscow
14 October – 20 November, 2011

The latest works by Baltic contemporary artists will be on view from 14 October at the 4th Moscow Contemporary Art Biennial, in a special project – Baltic Artist Exhibition: “Aesthetics or Information Vol 2” («Эстетика vs информация Vol. 2»). The search for the changing nature and crossover points of the terms “aesthetics” and “information” is illustrated in the works of the Latvians – Gints Gabrāns (1970) and Dace Džeriņa (1971), the Lithuanians – Svajone and Paulius Stanikas (1961,1962), Brone Neverdauskiene (1977), Monika Zaltauskaite-Grasiene (1975) and Juozas Laivys (1976), and the Estonians – Denes Farkas (1974) and Maarit Murka (1981).

The goal of the exhibition is to clarify if the components of aesthetics can serve as actively descriptive and comprehensively informative instruments. To explore this question, the Lithuanian curator, Ignas Kazakevičius (1973), has created an exhibition that includes objects, installations, video works, paintings and photographs that challenge traditional communication values. How can art be compared to news materials? That's simple enough – modernity is determined by the dynamics of art and its place in life moments (the subconscious, thoughts, the act of being, etc.) integral to society. So then – that is information? The creators of the exhibition point out that information is the main characteristic of our times – it changes at lightning speeds and grows in huge amounts. In these conditions, contemporary art must balance between exaggerated aesthetics and the act of conceptual art, which is very dependent on the informative background.

The first part (Vol. 1) of the international project, “Russia and Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia”, took place at Klaipeda's Cultural Communications Center in 2010, with Russian artists participating. The curator of Vol. 1 was Konstantin Bohorov (1961) (Константин Бохоров).

Visualization of the installation, “Total Equality”. Brone Neverdauskiene & Monika Zaltauskaite-Grasiene (Lithuania). 2011

Галерея искусств Зураба Церетели
ул. Пречистенка, д.19
Moscow, Russia

Reminder: the Latvian artist, Gints Gabrāns, is also participating in the central exhibit of the 4th Moscow Contemporary Art Biennial