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Culture Night in Vilnius 0

Photo: Publicity photos from last year's event

Culture Night
Vilnius, Lithuania
The night of June 20 to 21

Culture Night (formerly, “Let it be Night!”) is a unique event in Lithuania in which, during the span of one night, people can see more than one hundred different art projects created by Lithuanian and foreign artists. During the event the squares, streets, parks and some of the most unexpected spaces in Vilnius are filled with various types of artistic projects: music, dance, theatre, cinema, photography, state-of-the-art installations, etc. 

We asked the event’s organizer, Judita Strumilaite, the following three questions:

Could you please shortly outline the history of this event?

The cycle of Culture Night events started in 2007, as part of the national programme “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009”, and has evolved into a new cultural tradition for the city of Vilnius. It was inspired by the idea behind “La Nuit Blanche”, and in 2013 we were invited to join this international network that unites such festivals all over the world. Every year Culture Night Vilnius is growing in terms of number of projects, as it started with only 40 events in the first year, but this year the citizens and guest of Vilnius will be able to see almost 200 different projects.

If Culture Night was a journey, how would you describe it?

It would definitely be a journey full of adventures, as you don‘t know what you will find when going somewhere. You can come upon a concert in the park, a movie being shown while you sit by the river, or even a performance in an abandoned house. It is like visiting so many different countries just in one night, and this is a journey for everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, interests, etc., because everyone will find something to enjoy.

Please give us five event highlights that one should not miss.

This year Culture Night is offering a huge variety of events. Fans of visual art should not miss the 3D installation “Synergium”, which will take place near the Palace of the President of the Republic of Lithuania. Every visitor will be able to become a creator of impressive 3D projections.

Also, there will be a laser show between the Green Bridge and the King Mindaugas Bridge.

The whole Bernardine Garden will be dedicated to families with kids – theatre, creative workshops, games, etc., so even the youngest visitors won‘t be bored. The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania will present a musical programme consisting of six concerts. And this is only a very tiny part of the whole programme.  

You can find the whole programme, in English, published on the event’s website: