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Magazine Release: “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” 0

The culture and art website has released the first issue of its exclusive magazine, “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors”. Featuring eleven interviews with Europe's leading art collectors, “Conversations” invites the public to an inside glimpse of how the most prestigious private art collections in Europe have come to be. The people interviewed in this issue are figures whose status and investments in art have transformed them into authorities, and their opinions are respected and taken into account by not only the art market, but by the art world as a whole. Many of them are members of the board of esteemed museums, and their investment into creating the common cultural sphere is equal to that of official institutions, for it is a passion like theirs that leads to the taking of initiative and the execution of crazy ideas.


At the core of this publication is not only a look into the physical aspects of some truly excellent collections, but also a discourse about how art and the passionate collecting of art has changed our subjects' lives and their perception of the world: discussions on cause and effect, on each individual's path and process to evolving into a collector, and on friendship, joy and the benevolent wish to share these things with others. It is about how art can become an intrinsic part of everyone's life.

In this issue you'll find a conversation with Petter Stordalen, the Norwegian art collector and hotelier who exhibits art in his hotels because he wants people to contemplate it. Norwegian billionaire Christian Ringnes created the sculpture park Ekebergparken because he wanted to give something back to Oslo – “the city that I love and which has given me such a wonderful opportunity at life and a great professional career.” And then there's the five-thousand-piece Sammlung Goetz collection, belonging to  Ingvild Goetz from Germany, which has largely been formed from interactions with emerging artists – many of whom were just beginning their road to future greatness at the time. Art collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos from Greece – who is known not only as the owner of one of today's conceptually strongest collections of contemporary art, but also as one of the most influential personalities on the current art scene in general – looks upon his collection as a repository: “It is available to museums, it can be loaned out – I share it as much as possible.” Italian fashion magnate Luciano Benetton talks about his ambitious Imago Mundi project, which consists of 19 small-format art collections sourced from 38 countries, and the goal of which is to remind the viewer that ideas, meanings and inspiration are not a monopoly – they have come about from interaction and communication between West and East, North and South – through a criss-crossing of world cultural experiences.


Also found in the premier issue are interviews with art collector Dakis Joannou from Greece, the French duo of video-art collectors Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaître, collector Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo from Italy, collector Joaquin Diez-Cascon from Spain, German art collector Harald Falckenberg (who also regularly puts together exhibitions himself and devotes time to the fostering of protégées), and Nicky and Robert Wilson from Scotland, whose sculpture park, Jupiter Artland, is one of the most visually arresting contemporary art collections in modern-day Europe.

“Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” has been published in two separate versions, one in Latvian and one in English. The issue's visual image is the work of the design group “Augusts” and artist Kirils Kirasirovs. The magazine's concept is the brainchild of Una Meistere, director of, and Daiga Rudzāte, creative director; the interviewers were Una Meistere, Daiga Rudzāte, Anna Iltnere, Agnese Čivle and Margarita Zieda.

The issue has been published with support from SIA Alfor and AS Antalis.

Beginning with May 28, “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors” will be on sale for 9.99 EUR in  Latvia, the Baltics and in Scandinavia. Details on where the issue will be available for purchase in Latvia will be posted on the Facebook page.

Future plans include a continuation of the series, “Arterritory Conversations with Collectors”, with an expansion of the collection field to also include other creative subjects, such as fashion, design and books. And at the heart of it all, of course, will be the people who have given themselves over to their passion for assembling these works; by doing so, they create something amazing themselves.