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Statens Naturhistoriske Museum. Photo: Hans Henrik Tholstrup, 2013

Six Museums on the Park Path in Copenhagen 0

Copenhagen's green heart – the area containing the King’s Garden, the Botanical Garden and Østre Anlæg Park – and its main artery, the Parkmuseerne museum path, in which circulates the life-blood that is nature, history, art and cinema, welcome its spring visitors with a new program and admission savings. Beginning with May 24, one universal ticket (195 DKK) will get you into all six Parkmuseerne museums.

The Parkmuseerne district is composed of six museum institutions: The David Collection, The Filmhouse, The Hirschsprung Collection, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), The Natural History Museum of Denmark, and Rosenborg Castle.

The art-oriented institutions (SMK, The David Collection and the Hirschsprung Collection) have excellent collections featuring both Danish and international art, with works by Matisse, Mantegna, Købke, Hammershøi, and the Skagen painters. Similarly, The Filmhouse screens a wide selection of both Danish and international films. As Anne Kirstine Oates, who represents Parkmuseerne, related to, Parkmuseerne provides a large selection of activities that satisfy the cu­riosity and creative urges of children and adults the year round. The event program grows bigger every year, and invites artists, musicians and other collaborators to take part in it.

By being located in such close proximity, the city park and the museums create a democratic synergy in which the green area creates a haven that allows visitors to slow down, take a rest, visit playgrounds, and enjoy a light meal or a cup of coffee in the surrounding cafés and restaurants. The old and historical park adds an extra dimension for the modern museum visitor, and encourages guests to relax in the green heart of Copenhagen.

We asked Oates how she would describe a day at Parkmuseerne: “It's a cultural and green journey in which you can enjoy art, nature, history and film in six unique museums. Parkmuseerne offers a cultural package of adventures that suit every taste. From meteorites to art – which itself ranges from early Renaissance to cutting-edge contemporary. Take your time, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy the moments of reflection that the various settings encourage.”

Through August, the David Collection is showing “Block Prints From the Indus Valley”, a textile exhibition from the Lisette Kampmann Collection which, as its name implies, features the almost-extinct technique of block printing on fabric. The Hirschsprung Collection Museum is exhibiting drawings from the Dutch Golden Age (1810-1850), Rosenborg Castle has an excellent collection of royal lions, and up through the coming autumn, Statens Museum for Kunst is showing an exhibition of works by the Danish artist Henrik Olesen, as well as the exhibition “Freedom”, which features artworks by children on the titular theme.