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© Ville Savimaa

Beyonderground Graphic Festival in Helsinki 0

Beyonderground. A Festival of Graphic Joy and Creativity
Helsinki, Finland
May 5., 9 - 10, 2014

Beyonderground is an annual graphic festival with the goal of promoting graphic creativity. Held biannually in Hasselt, Belgium, the in between year is organized abroad. The first edition took place in April 2013 in Hasselt, Belgium. Helsinki will be the city of Beyonderground in May 2014. Hasselt again, in April 2015.

Like Hasselt in Belgium, Helsinki is the perfect size. Scale is everything when conquering a city and its people. Hotspots, museums, galleries, street art, expos and the actual festival, all connected by a walk and a talk. All people involved open up their hearts and become closer to fellow graphic lovers. Not just any city has this power. We make it personal and so does the city of Helsinki.

Beyonderground x Helsinki is about the exchange of graphic language between international artists with roots in Belgium and Finland. The festival performers will work it, show it, experiment and talk about it. On May 9 and 10 the players are: Kokoro & Moi / Ronny en Johny / Jesse Auersalo / Ephameron / Linda Linko / Rizon Parein / Tsto / Toykyo / Kuti Kuti / Tieten met hair / Ville Savimaa.

© Linda Linko

In collaboration with Design Museum Finland, Beyonderground invited the crème de la crème among imagemakers to transform the Helsinki Central Railway Station into one big poster hall. Unpublished and exclusively created graphic art will be displayed starting May 5. To warm you up, some first names: Laura Laine / Khuan+Ktron / Helsinki Type Studio / Brecht Vandenbroucke / and many more!

Graphic art and design students of Finland’s Aalto University and Belgium’s PXL University will produce an outdoor expo at the former Helsinki prison, Hotel Katajanokka. The outdoor expo can be viewed in the air yard starting May 5.

© Ronny & Johny

Belgian agency Ronny & Johny and the Finnish agency Werklig worked together on the campaign concept and created the graphic language for Beyonderground x Helsinki 2014.