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Jaanus Samma. Photo: Piia Ruber

Jaanus Samma Picked for Estonian Pavilion at 56th Venice Biennale 0

The project “NSFW: From the Abyss of History” by Estonian artist Jaanus Samma and Italian curator Eugenio Viola will represent Estonia at the 56th Venice Biennale. The exhibition consists of an aesthetically and dramaturgically integrated multimedia installation, which uses a personal story of a man from the Soviet-era Estonia and provides a new perspective on events during Estonians’ recent past. “NSFW: From the Abyss of History” raises questions about power, violence, persecution and an individual’s powerlessness in rigid political regimes that curtail human rights.

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Daily Dozen with Estonian artist Jaanus Samma

The winning project is a continuation of Jaanus Samma’s 2013 work “Chairman. The Opera,” which won the Köler Prize Jury award and People’s Choice that year. Samma has trained his lens on gay life in the Soviet era - when the community faced criminal sanctions - and the social conditions that influenced its behaviour, to remember and devote attention to problems yet to be solved. The central character in the exhibition is a successful kolkhoz (Soviet collective farm) chairman in the 1950s, who was sent to a prison camp for one and a half years for an homosexual relationship. The exhibition is an oneiric installation with theatrical elements, and relies on court transcripts and the fate of the chairman who – having lost not just his position in society but his family and job – became one of the legendary figures in the invisible gay community of Soviet Estonia.  The acronym NSFW stands for “Not Suitable / Safe For Work”. 
A total of 11 projects were entered to the competition for the 2015 Estonian Pavilion exhibition at Venice Biennale. The jury members included the commissioner for the Estonian Pavilion at Venice Biennale Maria Arusoo, Wales MOSTYN art centre director Alfredo Cramerotti, board members of CCA, Estonia Rael Artel, Sirje Helme, Andres Kurg and Kaido Ole, World Expo Milano 2015, Project Manager Andres Kask and Adviser on Visual Arts, Estonian Ministry of Culture Maria-Kristiina Soomre. Besides the high artistic calibre of the project, the jury also praised “the exceptionally intelligent, relevant, discrete and multi-faceted manner in which the theme is explored.” 

Jaanus Samma. Lodge, 2013

Jaanus Samma (1982) studied graphic art at the Estonian Academy of Arts and is currently a PhD candidate in the Art and Design programme at EAA. He has taken part in many group exhibitions and appeared in solo exhibitions in Estonia and international venues since 2005. 

Eugenio Viola (1975) is curator at large at Madre Museum in Naples. He has worked with, among many others, such world-renowned artists as Marina Abramović, Teresa Margolles and Tania Bruguera. He is well-versed in the Estonian art scene, having co-curated (with Reet Varblane) Orlan’s 2008 exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall and (with Anders Härm) Mark Raidpere’s 2013 solo exhibition at the EKKM (Contemporary Art Museum Estonia). Viola was also a member of the Köler Prize’s international jury last year.