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Lithuanian Design Week 0

Design Week
Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Telsiai, Lithuania

May 5 - 11, 2014

Audronė Drungilaitė, the executive director of the Lithuanian Design Forum, describes the unique code of Lithuanian design so: it is cozy, inspired by our ethnology and nature (which is not a big surprise, since the Lithuanians were the last pagans in Europe), full of modern interpretations of ethnographic patterns, and influenced by both a high-quality wood industry and the Soviet era. Sometimes it looks slightly similar to Scandinavian design, but at the same time – different.

It is interesting to look closer at what really is behind the Lithuanian design phenomenon, so suggests you attend the Lithuanian Design Week events in the city that is closest to you, so that you can ascertain the fact for yourself.

Design Week is being organized by the Lithuanian Design Forum, which was established in the spring of 2006 by three professionals: Vytautas Gurevicius, the publisher of the interior, architecture and design magazine “Centras”; designer Nauris Kalinauskas; and design publicist Marius Dirgela.

The first Design Week was held in Vilnius as a consequence of one successful design show, and it is getting bigger every year. 

Because of the fact that Design Week is a national event, every year its organizers are trying to make it available to an increasingly bigger audience. The five largest cities in Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Telsiai – of which at least one can be conveniently reached from anywhere in the country, will be overflowing with more than 150 exhibitions and events May 5th-11th, 2014.

The nomination ceremony for the third annual national design prize, “Good Design”, will be held in the Lithuanian Presidency on the 6th of May.  The project “designovation” presents the designers' latest creations in unexpected public places. Organizations, educational institutions, embassies, manufacturers and designers create a huge synergy, which in its entirety is now called Design Week.

We asked Audronė Drungilaitė what the main mission of Design Week is, and got the following reply: “Design Week is dedicated to both the general public and professionals. The main mission of Design Week is to educate society, encourage young designers to break into the market, and to stimulate the interaction between designers, manufactures and consumers.”

The main theme for this year's Design Week, “Design=Innovation”, was conceived to reveal the importance of the design process and outcome in terms of product creation and development. As Audronė Drungilaitė explained to us, the theme is usually chosen to coincide with a recent, topical event. This year's “Design=Innovation” was inspired by “IF…Vilnius”, the international festival which was held a few years ago. Also, three Ministries in Lithuania (The Ministry of Economy, The Ministry of Culture and The Ministry of Education and Science) have selected design as being one of the most important cultural and creative industries that is in the process of breaking through. We believe that design enhances the value of a product, and that the latest technological and scientific achievements can become real products that will be relevant to not only our own, relatively small, market, but worldwide as well.

Program highlights


1. The Belarus designers' exhibition consists of recent works created over the past two years. Design examples featured span from furniture and clothing to the watches manufactured by “Luch”(BY).

2. The contrasting photo exhibition, “Village” vs. “City”, will be showcased in the basement of the unique Energy and Technology Museum. 

3. During design week, from May 7th to the 11th, the Vilnius Academy of Art will present a platform for young designers – “Design Incision 2014”. The students have organized an exhibition featuring communication-, industrial-, costume-, and textile design. The design spaces in the Vilnius Academy of Arts will be open for visitors. It will be possible to learn about the creative process, to meet and talk to young creators, and several workshops and lectures are scheduled as well. A food and design laboratory will be open, and students will be selling design objects that they have made themselves.

4. “Design Weekend” promises a unique Lithuanian designers exposition, the “Coffee-inn” laboratory, a collection of tables featuring craft demonstrations, and as always, lots of surprises and design news from around the loft district! The organizers invite all open-minded people to meet each other and share new ideas at the Design Week AFTER PARTY, which will be held at the Arts Factory LOFT, and will feature the Norwegian dance floor guru, Finnebasen.


1. KTU bachelor's, master's and doctoral students will share their experiences and ideas, and present the latest scientific ideas, works and practical applications. There will also be a conference dedicated to the exchange of views on current issues in industrial design and engineering science.

2. One Day Fashion Boutique – a “pop-up” store that brings Lithuanian and international fashion brands under one roof, and where customers can shop, find out the latest fashion trends, enjoy cat-walks and socialize – all at the same time.

3. The design exhibition, 2=2”, consists of three thematic parts. The first presents the Lithuanian winners of various prestigious, international industrial design awards. The second part presents design prototypes created by young Lithuanian industrial designers. This unique design project helps young designers establish and strengthen relations with the creative industries and businesses. The third part is the comprehensive international design exhibition, “Fuori di Design“. By exhibiting their projects, designers from 42 countries reveal the importance of design and how it can influence the success of a business. Their new ideas were presented at the international design competition „Salone Satellite – Moscow“, as the 4th edition of Fuori di Design.


1. There will be two exhibitions featuring the latest creations of of VDA Klaipėda faculty and students. We invite everybody in the design community to meet each other, socialize, and share new ideas. A cozy atmosphere is guaranteed – a DJ and a public presentation by the young designers will make you want to move your bootie.

2. Another program event is a series of creative workshops for young professionals , led by well-known specialists from Klaipėda and the surrounding region. The first lab will start during Design Week. The main goals here are to enhance the professional skills of young designers and architects, to encourage them to interact with each other, and the fostering of cultural progress.

3. “Skandinaviški interjerai” (Scandinavian Interiors) invites the public to visit their exposition featuring some very famous designers: A. Jacobsen, Y. Ekstrom, V. Panton, S. Kohho, A. Aalto and S. Kallio.


1. Lectures about the evolution of Lithuanian design and landscape design. Films about the current Swedish fashion scene, the fashion shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and a filmed interview with the fashion critic, Derek Blasberg, will be screened daily, from Monday to Thursday, at Design House “Wapsva”. The event is an initiative of the Swedish Embassy in Lithuania. 

2. The performance “Fashion kitchen REVERSE”, in which the viewer can see what happens backstage at fashion shows – all the things that the audience normally doesn't see. During the presentation of the collection, everything will be happening in front of the audience: makeup will be put on, hair will be styled, and then the model disappears.


1. Design Week in Šiauliai will start with an opening event exhibition in which students from the Telšiai Faculty (at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts) will represent their latest creations from metal, as well as conceptual artworks and jewelry. Furniture and restoration designers will showcase the creation process – from the idea to the manufacturing of the final product or prototype. During the workshop with designer Vytautas Palavinskas (JSC “Dizaino propaganda”), participants will try to find new and innovative ideas on how to interpret samogitian symbolics.