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Kestutis Svirnelis. Children of the children, 2014

Lithuanian Artist Kestutis Svirnelis at (AV17) Gallery 0

Kestutis Svirnelis “Motor, Latex, and Air”
(AV17) gallery, Vilnius
April 16 – May 15, 2014

By naming the exhibition quite intriguing and humorous tone having title “Motor, Latex, and Air”, the author identifies three, probably the most essential composite elements of works exhibited in the show. It is by a viewer’s move activated air compressor (motor), which fills rubber or cellophane object (latex) with air. These three elements dominate in most of the Lithuanian artist Kestutis Svirnelis’ sculptures: “Socium” - disposable gloves with long sleeves attached to a drainage pipe, slowly filling up with the air, installation “The Last Session” - with clothes dressed bags filled with air, resemblinghuman figures, that are changing shapes on the table filled with the regale, installation “Snowman” consists of protective costumes with the gasmasks from the era of the Cold War and snowman that are inflated by mechanisms. 

Finger at (AV17) gallery

The works of the artist presented in the exhibition are constructed by a principle of collage from well recognizable, everyday household objects; rubber gloves, tubes, cartons and so on. In the imagination of a viewer their combination merges into archetypical object, associative and familiar though in this case manifesting in different, unusual form - sculpture. Interactive objects liberate the visitor from a passive observer position and convert him active participant of the exhibition.

(AV17) Kestutis Svirnelis, 2014 

Exhibited works are directly dependent on the viewer - some of them respond and begin to operate only him/her comes into space, other sculptures become a fully-fledged and maximally functional only when the visitor performs additional actions: by clicking a button or touching a particular part of an object. A viewer becomes an extension of art work, the catalyst of his active existence. Direct communication and the dialogue occur between them.

Stigma at (AV17) gallery

Messengers at (AV17) gallery