Per Krohg, Jérôme og mademoiselle Krag på skitur en vakker vinterkveld, før 1929

On the track! Exhibition’s subject: phenomenon of cross-country skiing 0

Løype! On the trail of an identity
Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo
Until March 16, 2014

As an apropos to the Tour de Ski and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Norway’s National Gallery is mounting a small exhibition in its project room. The subject is the phenomenon of cross-country skiing. To illuminate the role of this sport as a pillar of Norway’s national identity and a symbol of its unity, gallery has enlisted the help of a top athlete, two former stars of the ski trail, active young skiers and children from a multicultural class of 11 to 12-year-olds. Two of the contributing artists have also commented their own works. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to bridge the divide between two cultural arenas – those of the art museum and elite sport – which are often perceived as worlds apart.

Løype, Erik Werenskiold, Gutter på ski, 1912

Løype, John Savio, Etter ulvene, 1920-eller 30 årene

Løype, Tore Hansen, Fiskebein, kjøpt 2010

Løype, Ragnvald Blix, Alt for Norge, 1919

Løype, Ingebjørg Une Hagen, Renn, 1984

Løype, Andreas Bloch, Jente på ski, slutt 1800-tallet eller tidlig 1900

Løype, Halfdan Egedius, Tre mann på ett par ski, antagelig 1898

Løype, Hans Gude, Jeg lot det stå til utfor, før 1879

Løype, Christian Krogh, Edvard Diriks, 1891

Løype, Erik Werenskiold, Giljegården, antagelig 1893