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Josiah McElheny and Andrea Geyer. The Infinte Repetition of Revolt, 2010-12. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Blackboard - Teaching and Learning from Art 0

Blackboard - Teaching and Learning from Art
Artipelag,Värmdö, Sweden
October 15, 2013 - January 19, 2014

The blackboard is associated with learning but it is less known that the blackboard has been used by artists as a medium for knowledge throughout the modern era. Rudolf Steiner is a pioneer in using the blackboard as a pedagogical tool. Steiner’s ideas had many followers, not least Joseph Beuys who was the connecting link to contemporary artists such as Tacita Dean and Christian Marclay who have continued to work with the blackboard. It may seem peculiar that the blackboard has enjoyed a renaissance in contemporary art, not as a nostalgic trip back in time, but rather as a medium for knowledge that enters into dialogue with the audience, in the spirit of interactivity.

Rudolf Steiner. Where the thoughts come from. Blackboard drawing to the lecture on the 9 August 1922

Joseph Beuys. Public Dialogue by Wilough by Sharp, 1974. Photo:  Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Elis Ernst Eriksson. Installation image. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Tal R. April flag, 2003-2006; The Sum, 2003-2006

Tacita Dean. More or Less, 2011. Series of five works. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Alejandro Guijarro. Berkely 1, 2012; CERN !, 2012. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Per Kirkeby. Installation image. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Gary Simmons. Passin' Me By, 1998 (foreground); Christian Marclay. Chalkboard, 2010 (background). Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger