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The Second Issue of “Arterritory Conversations” Has Come Out! 0

We are happy to announce that the second issue of “Arterritory Conversations” has come out in print; it will be available free of charge, and will be distributed in educational institutions, art galleries and museums throughout Latvia and the Baltic States. “Arterritory Conversations” is a compilation of the most captivating and thought-provoking interviews that were featured on the website in 2013. Over the last year, we've had numerous face-to-face meetings with artists, curators, critics and art collectors whose names are well-known and sought-after not only in the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia, but also on the global art and cultural scene. This latest issue contains interviews with such top-notch cultural figures as Jan Fabre – the Belgian multidisciplinary artist who works in the visual arts, theater, dance, performance art and opera; Eija-Liisa Ahtila – one of Finland's most famous artists and a pioneer in Finish video art; Bjarke Ingels – the Danish architect responsible for “lending out” to China Copenhagen's “The Little Mermaid” statue, where it represented Denmark at the World Expo 2010; Hans-Ulrich Obrist – the renown art curator whose name is known by everyone who has a foot in the art world; Berlin gallerist Michael Fuchs; Belgian painter Luc Tuymans; Estonian artist Raoul Kurvitz; architect Pier Vittorio Aureli; Andrew Renton – head of the Marlborough Contemporary art gallery and curator of some of the most notable collections of contemporary art in Europe; Czech sculptor and showman David Cerny, who stepped onto the world stage in 1991 after he painted pink a soviet tank that had been standing in central Prague; Kęstutis Kuizinas – director of the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) in Vilnius; Leonid Bazhanov – director of the National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow; Danish artist Ingar Dragset; Thomas Olbricht – owner of one of Europe's most illustrious private collections of contemporary art; Latvian artist Maija Kurševa; and the conductor Andris Poga, who also hails from Latvia.

What is an interview? A moment of connection between two people who, perhaps, have never even met in person before. Usually, to get a person to open up and begin talking, hours, days – even weeks – are needed until both get accustomed to one another and begin to form a trusting bond. But here, everything happens at an unbelievably quick pace: a handshake, then an exchange of pleasantries that have nothing to do with the subjects that will be discussed. And then it starts: “Why is everything in your project like this, and not like that?”, “Are you aware of any universal answers?”, “Why have you chose to do exactly this?” The words of the artists become, in a sense, a continuation of their work and art, and these words must be up to par with a level that corresponds to the concepts and images of the artworks themselves. We believe that, in addition to serving as “required reading” for all students of the humanities, this issue will be stimulating reading material for everyone who has an interest in today's cultural scene.

“Arterritory Conversations” has been printed in three separate editions – in Latvian, English and Russian. The magazine's visual image was created by “Tundra” and Kirils Kirasirovs, one of Latvia's leading graphic designers. The content of “Arterritory Conversations” was put together by the website's editorial team, and the concept is the brainchild of Una Meistare, director of, and Daiga Rudzāte, artistic director for

Publication of the magazine was sponsored by the corporate philanthropic fund, ABLV Charitable Foundation, and the “Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture” program.

“Arterritory Conversations” is an annual publication; the third issue is slated for autumn of 2014.