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Elīze Tīkmane,

Gļebs Panteļejevs' solo show, “OrNiTOLOĢIJA / OrNiTHOLOGY”
Latvian National Museum of Art, The White Hall, Riga
9 September – 23 October

From 9 September through 23 October, 2011, Gļebs Panteļejevs' (1965) solo show, “OrNiTOLOĢIJA”, will be exhibited at the Latvian National Museum of Art's White Hall.

As one of the leading monumental artists in today's sculpture scene, Gļebs Panteļejevs stands out with his feel for flexible form, as well as his emotional and philosophical methods of composition. His most well-known works are the memorial plaque, “The Black Threshold”, at the old KGB building at Stabu Street 16, in Riga; the memorial plaque, “The Bridge and Eternity”, in Jūrmala; the memorial to Oskars Kalpaks in Riga's Esplanade, as well as a myriad of other sculptures in various places in Latvia. The artist's sculpture, “100 Years of Red Deer in Kurzeme”, was unveiled at the beginning of August, in Ventspils.

In speaking with, the artist discloses that the works in his exhibition, “OrNiTOLOĢIJA”, have been created in the last two years. He adds that, lately, preparing for this solo show has been one of his main objectives; in terms of size, it will be his largest yet.

“If we're speaking in a spiritual dimension, then this exhibition is about pulling away, about freeing oneself, about the attempt to overcome a sort of established system, gravity. About such eternal things as the relationship between the spiritual and the material, the ability to pull away with the help of the soul, to rise above the earth. If we're speaking about sculpture, then they are, in principle, contemporary objects created in the traditional language of sculpture and materiality. It's not an exhibition consisting of just one piece of work. They are separate works, fifteen opuses. Of course, mentally, the works are interconnected, but each one is finished as a message. They are fifteen stories; something in them is similar, but there is something very different, as well,” explains the artist, Gļebs Panteļejevs.

K. Valdemāra Street 10a
Riga, Latvia