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Photo: Katrīna Ģelze

A chance to apply to a new artist residency program at the Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona 0

Katrīna Ģelze from Barcelona

In the Spanish city of Barcelona, not far from the Picasso Museum, a new contemporary art center opened its doors on 26 September – the Blueproject Foundation, a reputable exhibition space and concurrently, an international artists' residence. The Foundation's two rooms are arranged so that first the visitor enters the “new artist” (not to be confused with young in age) exhibition hall, which is free of charge; the next hall is dedicated to contemporary art done by established masters, and has an entrance fee of 3 EUR. Along with the center's opening, this second hall is currently showing the exhibition “Blue. Tribute to the Invisible”, which features the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Lucio Fontana, and four other artists; the exhibited works are linked not only by their status in modern-day art history, but also by their use of the color blue.

The new center has been deliberately organized in such a way that visitors to the “big-name” exhibition must first go through the exhibition that introduces new artists – a concept that gives the artists in residence an excellent opportunity to be noticed. Another clever aspect of the set-up is the deliberate contrast between the two rooms: paintings and a few objects are on view in “Blue. Tribute to the Invisible”, whereas in the “new artist” exhibition, the works selected for display are crazier and more experimental in terms of form. Correspondingly, the opening night featured the performance “Liquid Dream”, by the Belgian artist Miet Warlop. As per Warlop's signature style, the artist splattered paint – at first just black and white paint, then progressing to all of the colors of the rainbow. The performance was a fitting contrast to the second hall, the walls of which have been painted gray in order to bring out the blue of the artworks on view. “We want to achieve a demonstrative dialog between those adventurous artists who have already achieved the status of “classic”, and today's new experimenters,” said the representative of the center during the opening's press conference.

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Along with the opening of the Fund on 26 September, any artist or art student of any age, and from any country, may apply for a one month residency, during which the applicant must create a work to be displayed in the center's first exhibition room. There are no strict deadlines, and applications can be sent in whenever. The applicant's form of artistic expression is also unrestricted, as long as the idea is convincing. A change in exhibitions is scheduled for 8 February. The foundation hopes to accept 20-30 participants in its first residency round.

Worth mentioning is the exhibition devoted to Picasso's “blue period” – “Journey Through the Blue: La Vie”, which is being held from 11 October through 19 January at the Picasso Museum, which is located just a short distance from the Blueproject Foundation.

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