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A photo reportage from Art Moscow 2013 0

Just one year shy of reaching adulthood, Art Moscow (in its 17th year now) has received a “blood transfusion” – which is a good way of describing the conceptual change that has occurred. The agony endured over the last few years has led to the decision to completely change the format of Art Moscow, transforming it into a platform for new artists and galleries. Organizers are calling it the new – or, “2.0” – version. Due to the trend of decreasing numbers of prestigious participants, this year's terms and conditions are completely different – in the New Platform section (the main part of the fair), only galleries that are three years old or younger may take part. In addition, the program has placed special emphasis on conversations and discussions, which is something that was launched just last year. This doesn't mean, however, that the galleries that were loyal and participated in previous years have now been shut out. (One example is the prestigious Moscow gallery Triumph – which represents AES+F and other well-known contemporary Russian artists and, on a side note, is currently showing in its gallery the exhibition “Facades”, by Russian architect Alexander Brodsky and going on through 10 October.) If before, the central event of Art Moscow was the long-standing gallery show – and the new artist exhibition just an appendage located one floor up – then this year the tables have turned, indeed. Happy Art Museum, founded in 2010 and headed by Dags Vidulejs, is Latvia's emissary this year.

A photo reportage from Art Moscow 2013, held at Moscow's Central House for Artists for the 17th year now. 

Василий Слонов. Наши вожди. История России ХХ века на топорах