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Current Exhibition at Stockholm’s Galleri Riis: Christine Ödlund “Music for Eukaryotes” 0

Christine Ödlund  “Music for Eukaryotes”
Galleri Riis
August 22 - September 29, 2013 

Christine Ödlund (b.1963) lives and works in Stockholm. Artist graduated from Electro Acoustic Music (EAM course), EMS, Stockholm in 2004 and from the Royal College of Art, Stockholm 1996 and Konstfack, Stockholm 1995.

In 2013 she has participated in In the stream at Lunds Konsthall, freq_out 9, Sonic Acts Festival, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,Art and Music - Search for New Synesthesia, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. In late August 2013, her public artwork Lindarnas anatomi will be inaugurated in Kista Gårds Park outside Stockholm and later this year her work Atlantis No. 2/2012 will be installed in Statoil Oslo Offices, Fornebu, Oslo. As a sound artist, she has this year released Astral Bells (24 min Single CD), Federation of Swedish Art Associations, 2013.

Her first solo show at Galleri Riis is entitled  “Music for Eukaryotes”.  “The gallery is filled with nettles; the smell is almost intoxicating and meditative. She combines this with sound, circuits and visions of the future, greenhouse- and laboratory environments, occultism and science. Ödlund thinks interdisciplinary in her work and ends up somewhere between a harsh language of science and a mystical notion of nature. In this show she was inspired by attempts to decipher the chemical language of plants through studies conducted at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She also works with the myth of Atlantis, which is the foreground for one of the larger works on paper. In this dystopia, Atlantis is seen as a consequence of global warming. Ödlund shows a strange landscape that is similar to the topography of the brain, with different channels and densities. She creates a world in which you enter and leave your own reality”, writes our author, Alida Ivanov from Stockholm.

Amiralens Trädgård, 2013. Video installation with sound. 200 x 126 x 22 cm

Grönt brus, 2013. Videoinstallationwith sound. 203 x 110 x 20 cm

Musik för Eukaryoter (Acid Rock), 2013. Styrofoam, mineral paint, laboratory equipment, soil, nettles, speakers, sound

Musik för Eukaryoter (Ravi Shankar), 2013. Styrofoam, mineral paint, laboratory equipment, soil, nettles, speakers, music, sculptures made in jesmonite

Antimateria, 2013 . Ink, water-soluble colour pencil and graphite on paper . 76 x 56 cm 

Ljudgraf, 2013. Watercolour and water-soluble colour pencil on paper. 170 x 92 cm 

Tankeskugga, 2013. Watercolour and water-soluble colour pencil on paper . 31 x 41 cm 

Statiskt Brus, 2013. Watercolour and graphite on paper. 138 x 93 cm 

Urtica Dioica, 2013. Gouache and water-soluble colour pencil on paper . 73,5 x 53 cm