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Current Exhibition at Stockholm’s AnnaElleGallery: Olof Inger “Conscious Body” 0

Photos: AnnaElleGallery

Olof Inger “Medvetande kropp” (Conscious Body)
AnnaElleGallery, Stockholm
August 22 – September 22, 2013

Olof Inger was born in Stockholm 1979, and lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.  Artist has a rare ability to transform everyday, often insignificant or discarded materials to very precisely designed artwork.

Olof Inger has previously shown his work at Miguel Abreu Gallery (New York), 109 Gallery (Brooklyn) Market Art Fair (Stockholm), SuperMarket (Stockholm), Ribordy Contemporary (Geneva) etc.

In December 2012, Inger received the Baertling Award  for his exploration of the nonfigurative art expression.

In his exhibition titled Medvetande kropp (Conscious Body) at AnnaElleGallery, Olof Inger creates a physical experience by simulating the body, the mind and the cosmos. The exhibition comprises an installation titled Kroppsfält and a series of drawings titled Meditations. offers insight into the ongoing exhibition of Olof Inger at AnnaElleGallery.

Kroppsfält by Olof Inger

With Kroppsfält, Inger creates a connection between time and spatiality with a grouping of scattered compressed triangular forms called Container. Connected by extended cables and immersed in the soothing soundscape of White noise, the bulky objects form a broken geometry – a cosmos that balances and transforms itself depending on the perspectives of viewers. Loaded with energy, rhythm and effortlessness, each individual Container relates to viewers’ senses and to the human body.

Meditations series by Olof Inger

Inger produced Meditations, a series of drawings, during meditation exercises focusing on concentration and presence. Heavy black lines meander across standardized print paper cut to 36x36tum, a measurement dictated by Inger’s physical range of control during meditation. By systematically and regularly having the line meet at beginning and ending point each drawing forms a unique loop.