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Maria Agureeva. Tennis, 120Х150 cm, tile, UV print, dibond. Ready-made, sound installation, 2012

Moscow Exhibition of Kandinsky Prize Nominees to Open in September 0

The exhibition of the Kandinsky Prize nominees will be held in Moscow's “Udarnik” (Ударник) movie theater from 13 September to 10 November. Curating the show will be Antonio Geusa – doctor of philosphy, independent curator, critic and expert on art that uses new technologies.

372 people applied for the Kandinsky Prize this year. From these, an international judging panel and the Kandinsky Prize Council of Experts selected 37 works that will make up the exhibition of nominees. The Kandinsky Prize is an independent Russian award in the field of contemporary art. An unusual aspect of the award is that artists can apply for the prize themselves. Along with museums, galleries, institutions and members of the judging panel and the council of experts, artists can also send in an application. Prize organizers believe that this option makes the application process as democratic as possible.

As always, the exhibition will be divided into the prize's two categories – “Project of the Year” (20 nominees, prize amount 40,000 EUR), and “New Artist. Project of the Year” (17 nominees, prize amount 10,000 EUR).

Anya Zhoulud (Аня Желудь). Exercises. 2012 - 2013. Installation. Mixed media. Size variable. © Author

Irina Korina (Ирина Корина). Armed with a dream. 2013. Metal, cloth, earth, rocks, mushrooms and grass. Height - 800 cm, diameter - 1000 cm. © Author

Recycle Art Group. Letter F. 2012. Polyurethane rubber, cast. 300x135 cm x45. © Image: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. Project: The authors and Gallery Triumf

Aidan Salahova (Айдан Салахова). Appearances № 1. From the project Fascinans & tremend. 2012. Granite, marble. 180x80x80 cm. © Author

Maria Agureeva.  (Мария Агуреева). Disk throwing from Citius, Altius, Fortius! Commodification project. 2011. UV print on tile, 120x150. Ready-made, sound installation

EliKuka Group. The Revolt of World Order Training Simulators. 2012. Different materials. Mixed media. Size variable. © The authors and the Regina Gallery in Moscow. Image: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Anastasia Kuzmina (Анастасия Кузьмина). Accumulation. 2012.  Video performance. © Author

Alexandra Pirogova (Александра Пирогова). BIBLIMLENS. 2012. HD-video, color, 11 min.