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The Kalmar Konstmuseum

Conference in the Kalmar Konstmuseum 0

Kalmar Konstmuseum
Kalmar, Sweden
19 September, 2011

This autumn, on 19 September, the Kalmar Konstmuseum will host a conference dedicated to the driving force behind regional and international social development – culture. The meeting will be a platform for the opinions of Swedish and international experts representing the sector of art research, and the public will be introduced to the visions of independent artists regarding the conference's main subject.

During the discussions, emphasis will be placed not only on the current art scene in Sweden, but also on events in Russia, Estonia, Belorussia, Georgia, Moldavia, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Åland Islands – regions where art enthusiasts from various generations have managed to stay surprisingly active, regardless of the incongruous local art scene. It should be noted that the paths of these specific Northeastern European and Asian countries, and those of Sweden, have historically crossed; this fact was illustrated in 2008, in the newly painted Kalmar Konstmuseum's Northeastern European cultural exchange exhibition, “Friction and Conflict”. 

Coming from various countries, art practitioners and theorists active in artistic and cultural circles will be presenting at the conference. By taking part in the discussions, the public, together with the lecturers, will look at the current questions facing art and will come up with suggestions as to how to creatively solve these problems. Speakers invited to the conference are: Marina Naprushkina, representative of the anti-political propaganda fund, Büro für Antipropaganda; the artist and curator, Stefan Rusu, from Moldavia, who dedicates his work to lessen the social-political context of art and culture in Central Europe; Irina Tchesnokova, curator of Kaliningrad's National Contemporary Art Center; and Sanne Kofod Olsen, rector of Funen Art Academy and the director of Roskild's Museum of Contemporary Art.

The regional art museum Kalmar Konstmuseum was ceremoniously founded in 2008, in Kalmar, in the very southeast of Sweden. The museum lies in a building designed by local architects and designers, in Stadsparken (“the city's park”), with a scenic view of Kalmar Castle and the castle's gulf. The museum is best known for the Kalmar Art Association's (founded in 1917) collection of paintings, with emphasis on works of art created during Kalmar's fiefdom. Kalmar Konstmuseum regularly holds art exhibitions of both homegrown and foreign artists, as well as cultural programs of varying content, focusing on events in the regional and national art scenes.  

The conference will be held on the fourth floor of Kalmar Konstmuseum, adding an additional dimension to the Kalmar Konstmuseum's program of autumnal events. This autumn, the first part of the two-part exhibition, “Complicated Relation”, will be on view from 3 September through 13 November; the second part – from 17 September until 20 November. Both parts of the exhibition can be seen as a continuation of the widely acclaimed exhibition, “Friction and Conflict”, which was on view at the just-opened Kalmar Konstmuseum in 2008.

Stadsparken 392 33
Kalmar, Sweden