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Fruit, 2008. © Krista van der Niet

Museum Summer in Russia 0

Liza Borovikova

In summer, Moscow’s museums and exhibition spaces enter into an uneven battle for the attention of the public with parks, open-air cinemas and other means of entertainment unavailable to Russians most of the year. In order to lure spectators to exhibitions, this year curators have saved for the summer the most enticing projects. 

Still/Life. Contemporary Dutch Photography

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow 
24 May – 14 July, 2013

In relation to 2013 as the year of the Netherlands in Russia, in various exhibition halls of Moscow there is presented a series of exhibitions dedicated to Dutch art. Among them is the exhibition of Piet Mondrian at the Tretyakov Gallery. During the summer it will be possible to get acquainted with Dutch contemporary photography where a number of young artists are interested in the classical genre of still life. Inspired by the themes of flowers, fruit and  vanitas, contemporary photographers are conjuring contemporary versions of still-lifes in their studios. The exhibition demonstrates a striking trend in Dutch contemporary photography: to show staged reality instead of registering the “real” world. The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Photography Museum of Amsterdam  Foam where it was shown two years ago. Foam is involved not only in showing world class masters but also in supporting young authors and following their progress. Amsterdam is often called the capital of photography, given that it is also the birthplace of the World Press Photography competition.

16 Ostozhenka st.
Moscow, Russia

Publicity photo

Jan Švankmajer’s Kunstkammer
Center for Contemporary Culture 
21 June – 25 August, 2013

“Kunstkammer” is a fit title for the exhibition of the famous Czech surrealist film director Jan Svankmajer. “Garage” will present the visitors not only with the cinematographic legacy of the artist but also with his unique phantasmagoric objects that seem to be associated with the darkest and most secret corners of the human soul. These artifacts as well as the short films of the artist will be presented in a specially built architectural installation. 

Within the framework of the exhibitons “Jan Švankmajer’s Kunstkammer” and “Black Cauldron”, there will also take place an educational program “Objects coming to life and forbidden fantasies”. Andrei Erofeev and Irina Kulik will be among the lecturers.  

9 Krimskij val, Building No. 45
Moscow, Russia

Publicity photo

No Water Tomorrow
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
14 June – 11 August, 2013

Works of the artists gathered in one space on Tver Boulevard by curator Aleksei Maslyaev have in common an attempt to explore the notion of ritual from different perspectives. Ritual or ceremony is the highest form of cultural practice that involves almost all of the arts. The artists, including Taus Makhacheva, Aleksandr Povzner, Aleksandr Sigutin, Mikhail Tolmachev, Murad Khalilov and Chtak are presenting their vision of the ritual and the way it is integrated in our everyday lives. 

9 Tverskoy Boulevard
Moscow, Russia

Dante Rossetti. “The Annunciation”. 1850

Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-garde 
The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts 
11 June – 22 September, 2013

We already announced the plans for this exhibition in the selection of most expected exhibition projects for 2013, but it is hard to not repeat ourselves because the “Victorian Avant-garde” is probably the most exciting exhibition of this summer.

The exhibition has already been successful in London and Washington and its success in Moscow, where it is taking place in collaboration with Tate Gallery, British Council and Charity Foundation “Art, Science and Sport” is almost guaranteed. The exhibition includes works of Victorian artists not only from museums of Britain and America but also from private collections. Among the exhibits are famous works by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, John Millais, William Hunt and others. Among the more than 150 exhibits, the visitors will have a chance to see not only paintings on canvas, but also stained glass works, tapestries, samples of wallpaper and upholstery fabrics designed by William Morris and even a wooden cupboard, brightly colored like a medieval panel. The exhibit will close only at the end of September, so one has the opportunity to avoid lines that will no doubt appear at the entrance of the museum in July.

12 Volhonka
Moscow, Russia