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Olafur Eliasson's installation from last year,“Your Uncertain Shadow”

World-renown Plays of Light and Sound – Together in Tallinn 0

From August 25 to October 2, Tallinn Art Hall (Kunstihoone) will host the ambitious group exhibition “Continuum_ The Perception Zone”, featuring a galaxy of international and notable artists: Martin Creed (UK), Olafur Eliasson (Denmark/Iceland), Bernhard Leitner (Australia), Spencer Finch (USA), John Wood & Paul Harrison (UK), Ceal Floyer (UK), Kiwanoid (Estonia), Daniel Kemeny (Czech Republic) & Marusoo (Estonia) and Toomas Thetloff (Estoniaa).

As the exhibition's name indicates, perception will be at the center of attention. The exhibition's curator, Maria Arusoo (1983; as an artist, she works under the alias Marusoo), hopes to create a dynamic show that is not seen as a binary relationship of subject-object, but rather as one that dissolves within the concept of “environment”. The room will become not only visible and tactile, but also sensitive to human actions, inseparable from the material substance of  moving bodies that generate the room's nature. How is this done? – works of art featuring light or sound will be exhibited. Light and sound installations are not a widespread art form in the Baltic Countries; this exhibition in Tallinn will be a step towards introducing the local public to this contemporary art tradition. The curator also points out that in Estonia – as in many countries – a large part of the population is wary of the apparently incomprehensible content of today's art. One of the goals of the exhibition, “Continuum_ The Perception Zone”, is to lessen the divide between society and contemporary art. But how? By “translating” knowledge through physical experience – through the perception of the plays of light and sound that the artists have provided. This is available to, and can be done by, everybody who has the ability to see and hear, be they professionals or the viewing public.

The exhibition is, unequivocally, a wonderful opportunity in the Baltic region to see such world-famous works of art, such as Martin Creed's “Work #277, Lights going on and off”, which in 2001 received the prestigious Turner Award in the UK.

Read also the interview with the curator Maria Arusoo

Vabaduse Square 6
Tallinn, Estonia