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Huvila-teltta - Huvila Festival Tent. Photo: Sasa Tkalcan

Helsinki Festival 2011 0

Helsinki Festival 2011
Helsinki, Finland
August 19 - September 4 

The programme of the Helsinki Festival features theatre, dance, circus, classical music and jazz, comprising performances of works both by internationally acclaimed artists and local stars. The team behind the festival is interested in the wealth of narrative styles in contemporary theatre, inviting artists whose conversational manner is original and distinctive. One of the greatest discoveries of recent years in Europe is the theatre of New Zealand's Lemi Ponifasio: unique and fundamentally different from the creations of any other artist, it combines archaic forms of expression and modern visual poetry and ponders the fragile power of the links between nature, man and the contemporary world. Ponifasio is bringing to Helsinki his Birds with Skymirrors. 

The festival programme likewise features Via Intolleranza, the final work of the late German action artist, opera, theatre and film director Christoph Schlingensief who passed away last year - a piece that is still touring international festivals, not only as a sign of respect for the great prematurely deceased artist; the German pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, winner of this year's Leone D'Oro, was also a tribute to Christoph Schlingensief's art. Via Intolleranza is a powerful, radically non-conformist work that, although created a year ago, addresses our contemporaries, here and today - the farewell of a dying artist. Read more...