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Author: Indrė Svirplytė

Comics Competition “Life is Live”. Results! 0


The results are in for the and kuš! comics competition “Life if Live”, which borrowed its title from the freshly published edition of kuš! The cover of the magazine was created by Ana Albero from Spain, who regularly illustrates articles for The NY Times. The task for our competition was to draw a comic with three frames about the theme "Life is Live". The editorial board of selected the best submissions, but the three winners were determined by the team of kuš!.


As their award Dace Brakmane, Anna Krztoń and Thijs Vissia will receive a brand new issue of "Life is Live", not to mention postcards and bookmarks. Congratulations to the lucky winners and everyone, who took part in our competition. Happy holiday! :)

1st place  Dace Brakmane

2nd place – Anna Krztoń

3rd place  Thijs Vissia

Rafa Skwierawski

Indrė Svirplytė